Revive Your Wired Alarm System

Connect your home's wired alarm system to SmartThings or Home Assistant and make it smart.

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DIY Home Security

You can install Konnected yourself and never pay a recurring fee again.

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Connect your wired alarm system to 1000s of Smart Home devices

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Brought life back to my old wired security system. Was able to connect with my Samsung SmartThings hub very easily and take advantage of the automation/security it provides. Awesome product would highly recommend.


I recently bought a 12 zone system to revitalize an old Bay Alarm system that came with the house we purchased. Konnected was very easy to set up and I am now able to monitor my house from anywhere without any contracts or monthly fees! I also configured an old Kindle Fire to run ActionTiles and mounted this on the wall; makes it super easy to see what what doors and windows are open without going through the house. Overall, this is a fantastic product we are telling all our friends about. Nice work!


Surprisingly easy to setup, instructional video was really useful. Converted an old 5 zone alarm panel in to 10 individual sensors with 2 Konnected modules and Home Assistant, still have several additional sensors to connect up that are already wired around the house but were not being monitored by the old system. The ability easily add additional Konnected modules for the extra sensors is great.


This purchase is in the top 3 things to happen to me in my life. Great product, tons of support from the company and external users. No complaints here. A must have if you have an old wired alarm panel.


The Konnected Alarm Panel

Connect your home's wired alarm system to SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat and convert your home into a smart home. Now you can monitor your home from anywhere using your smart phone with no recurring fees!

Works with any wired alarm system

If your home is wired for an ADT, Honeywell, Interlogix, Ademco, Brinks, DSC or similar alarm system, your home is pre-wired to be a smart home. The Konnected Alarm Panel is the only product of its kind that allows you to connect any wired alarm system to your home automation hub.

Installs in Minutes

See how simple it is to replace your old alarm system board with a Konnected Alarm Panel and instantly gain access to all your wired sensors and sirens in your smart home.

Take control of your home with direct integration to four popular smart home hubs.
Konnected now works with SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat

Features In Depth

The Konnected Alarm Panel works with any wired alarm system

  • Reuse your existing wired sensors

    Save money by reusing the sensors already wired in your home

  • Monitor your home from anywhere

    Using your smartphone, you can monitor and control your home security system from anywhere with zero recurring fees.

  • Never change batteries

    Wired sensors never need batteries, are nearly invisible when pre-wired in your walls, and are more reliable than Z-wave or zigbee.

  • Works with 1000s of Smart Home products

    Finally you can seamlessly integrate your alarm system with smart home products like lights, thermostats, smart locks touch-screen tablets, voice assistants and more.

Detailed Demonstration

See how Konnected works with common wired alarm system components