Noonlight 24/7 Emergency Response now Available with Konnected and SmartThings

Noonlight 24/7 Emergency Response now Available with Konnected and SmartThings

A Smart Home is a Safe Home

Konnected makes smart home monitoring of wired alarm systems simple and cost effective with our Konnected Cloud service and Works With SmartThings Certified integration. Now we've added Noonlight integration to Konnected Cloud, enabling your Konnected Alarm Panel to trigger 24/7 emergency response via Noonlight's staffed dispatch team, anywhere in the United States.

This is the solution that our SmartThings users have been waiting for — Noonlight integration that's fully compatible with the new SmartThings app!

Noonlight capability can enabled using the Konnected App.

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Users in the United States will see a Noonlight item in the app menu. After connecting Noonlight you can configure a Siren Follower and/or Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Trigger.

The Siren Follower will notify Noonlight of a security event when a Konnected siren is activated. Whether it's triggered by SmartThings Home Monitor, a panic button scene, or manually — any time a siren is triggered, Noonlight will receive an instant alarm. You'll be first contacted by a Noonlight dispatcher by text and/or phone, and if they can't get ahold of you or any of your household contacts, Noonlight will send the police.

The Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Trigger will notify Noonlight of a fire alarm any time a Smoke or CO detector hooked up to Konnected goes into alarm. Again, Noonlight will first try to contact you or your household contacts before dispatching the fire department.

Noonlight is available in the United States, and is only $9.99 per month after one free trial month. You can sign up right in the app, and there are no long-term commitments. This new feature is for users of Konnected with devices connected to SmartThings via the Konnected Cloud. Users of other platforms should continue to use the Noonlight integrations for those platforms: Noonlight for Home Assistant or Noonlight for Hubitat.


Noonlight is backed by a UL certified central station, and can provide a certificate for insurance discounts. Your Noonlight subscription also includes the Noonlight App that you can use on the go to get help any time anywhere in the United States.

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