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How to Claim Your Rewards

Please confirm your reward and add-ons on this page. You'll receive a store credit for the amount of your Kickstarter pledge — this will automatically be applied at checkout.

You can purchase upgrades, add-ons, or more Konnected kits at Kickstarter prices.

DIY Kits and T-shirts are in-stock and ship within a couple days. Stay tuned to backer updates on Kickstarter for shipping updates on the new Konnected Alarm Panels.

California residents: We're required to collect sales tax on your purchase.

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Got it!

Konnected Alarm Panel - Kickstarter Package

Thank you for being a Kickstarter backer. Here's everything you get:

  • Konnected Alarm Panels and Wi-Fi modules. Select the number of zones you need from the drop-down below. Watch this video if you need help.
  • 1 power adapter. We will send you the correct plug type for your country.
  • Piezo buzzer for door chime or warning beep
  • power splitter cable (12 zone kits and larger)
  • mounting tape
  •  Kickstarter exclusive: plastic mounting panel
  •  Kickstarter exclusive: precision screwdriver

Add-on Items

Backup Battery

Keep everything running during a power failure with this mini-UPS 12V DC power bank made especially for Konnected. This device plugs i... more

Konnected DIY Prototyping Kit

Discounts up to 50% when you buy multiple (click for more)! This powerful little Wi-Fi microcontroller integrates seamlessly with Smar... more

Konnected T-shirt

These premium tri-blend t-shirts are super soft and fit great. Available in unisex and ladies v-neck style in charcoal black with the blu... more

3D printed Fire tablet frame by Jason Thomas

These 3D printed frames for the Amazon Fire 7" and 8" are created and 3D printed by community member Jason Thomas. Note... more

4-Channel 5V Relay Module

$8.00 Backer price: $7.00
This 4-channel relay module is a great choice for a 4-zone sprinkler controller, controlling some LED holiday lights, or anything that... more

2-Channel 5V Relay Module

$6.00 Backer price: $5.00
2-channel relay module with screw terminals for your switched devices Normally Open (NO) and Nor... more

1 Channel 5V Relay Module with High/Low Level Trigger

$4.00 Backer price: $3.00
Use Konnected to switch things on and off with a relay module. compact relay module with screw terminals for your swi... more

1-Channel 3V Relay Module with Low-Level Trigger

compact relay module with screw terminals for your switched device Normally Open (NO) and Normal... more

Power Adapter 12V 2A

Add an additional power adapter for your DIY kit projects. more

Piezo sounder for Konnected Beep door chime

$4.00 Backer price: $1.00
This tiny electromagnetic sounder makes a high pitched "beep" sound when 3V is applied. It can be wired directly to an output pin of t... more

Door Chime

$15.00 Backer price: $9.00
This 12V door chime can be used to make a pleasant "ding-dong" chime when a door is opened, simulating the door chime feature of many ... more

12V to 5V USB Power Converter

$10.00 Backer price: $8.00
This device converts 12V DC power from your alarm system into a 5V USB connection. Use it to install a tablet charger in place of your ol... more

DC Power Cable Splitter

Power multiple devices from one DC power supply or battery with this splitter cable. Your kit already includes a splitter for y... more

DC Power "Pigtail"

$3.00 Backer price: $1.50
This DC power "pigtail" has a standard 5.5mm / 2.1mm barrel jack connector on one end, and bare wires on the other end. This is useful... more

Wi-Fi Module - NodeMCU v3

Add an extra Wi-Fi module pre-loaded with the latest Konnected firmware and software. This is a NodeMCU v3 LoLin module based on the ESP8... more