Konnected DIY Prototyping Kit
  • Konnected DIY Prototyping Kit

Konnected DIY Prototyping Kit

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Discounts up to 50% when you buy multiple (click for more)! This powerful little Wi-Fi microcontroller integrates seamlessly with SmartThings! Use the Konnected DIY Prototyping kit to hook up alarm system sensors, switches, garage door opener, sprinkler controller, and much more. This kit includes everything you need to connect up to 6 wired sensors and one switched output like a siren, alarm or strobe.

Add another relay module to add up to a total of 6 switched outputs.

Also includes a piezo buzzer to make a "beep beep" door open chime or warning beep.

DIY Kit Includes:

  • 1 Konnected NodeMCU Wi-Fi module
  • 1 NodeMCU base breakout board for wiring
  • 1 relay module for switching a siren, strobe, light, garage door opener, etc
  • 1 piezo buzzer for a door chime or warning beep
  • 20 female-to-female jumper wires
  • 10 male-to-female jumper wires
  • 10 male-to-male jumper wires
  • Supports up to 6 sensors or switched outputs


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