Why choose Konnected over Ring Alarm Retrofit?

The Konnected Alarm Panel is a more complete and more open alternative to Ring's Alarm Retrofit kit. Check out our side-by-side comparison showing how Konnected compares versus Ring Alarm Retrofit
  • Starts at $99
  • Additional 6 zones from $50
  • Run entirely locally on local platforms
  • Windows, Doors, Motions, Glass Breaks,Smoke, CO,Buzzer, Temperature Sensors
  • Use all sensors for automations
  • Available Now (v2 & Pro out Jan 2020)
  • $375 to get started
  • Additional 8 zones for $199
  • Windows & Doors (unpowered sensors only)
  • Relies on Ring's cloud


  • Switches & Sirens
    Works with all wired alarm devices including doors/windows, motion sensors, and siren.

  • Smart Home Integration
    Yes, absolutely! All sensors are usable for automations in your smart home platform.

  • Additional Hardware Required
    None for SmartThings (Hub required for other integrations)

  • On-going cost
    Free for self monitoring. Pro monitoring: Keep your existing pro monitoring, or use Noonlight for $10/mo.

Ring Alarm Retrofit:

  • Switches & Sirens
    Works only with door/window sensors.

  • Smart Home Integration

  • Additional Hardware Required
    Ring Base station required

  • On-going cost
    Free self monitoring. $3/mo for video recording. $10/mo with 24/7 pro monitoring.

Compatible Platform/Apps


Ring Retrofit:

Ring App Only

Keypad Options:

( Remember : With Konnected you can always keep your existing keypad )

With Konnected upgrade

Your home security console, equipped with one of the many Konnected compatible smart home technologies.
(You can purchase the Amazon Fire tablet pictured for the same price as the Ring Alarm Retrofit keypad)

Ring Alarm Retrofit:

Existing keypad won’t work anymore. Required to replace with a keypad for $50 with no smart home functionality

  • • Existing alarm system is taken over or left intact with interface
  • • Wall plug power adapter or PoE (battery backup available)
  • • Self-install or find a pro
  • • Wifi or Ethernet (Pro model) Communication Technology
  • • Open API & Open-source software

  • • Disabled or partially registering old alarm
  • • Battery powered
  • • Self-install or find a pro
  • • Z-Wave Communication Technology
  • • No open API or open-source software

Holiday Sale

  • • Save 20% on ALL in-stock items.
  • • Save $30 per Pro board pre-order
  • • Save $10 per Panel 2 board pre-order
  • • Get a $20 back-up battery with every pre-order (normally $36)