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12 Zone Upgrade

$85.00 $90.00 save $5.00
12 Zone Upgrade

12 Zone Upgrade

$85.00 $90.00 save $5.00

Add 12 more zones to your existing Konnected Alarm Panel installation. This upgrade kit is for existing customers only who previously purchased a Konnected Alarm Panel wired alarm system conversion kit.

Package includes

  • 2x Konnected Alarm Panel board (alarm board or add-on board, select from the drop-down above)
  • 2x WiFi module pre-loaded with the latest Konnected firmware & software
  • 1x piezo buzzer
  • 8x adhesive backed mounting standoffs
  • 2x Konnected stickers & decals

You also may need (sold separately)

A DC power splitter cable allows you to use a single power adapter to power up to four Konnected Alarm Panel modules.

 Konnected requires a quality 12V power supply. We recommend at least 2A for one or two modules, and 2.5A for three or four modules.

12V 2A power adapter - $8 12V 2.5A power adapter - $10

Add-ons and Accessories

Connect this relay module with the Konnected Alarm Panel Add-on board to switch a variety of wired things including LED strips, a high-powered siren, a garage door opener, electronic door strike, and more.
Temperature & Humidity Sensor kit - $9.5
Konnected can also report temperature and humidity to SmartThings. Power via the 5V+ pin on the Konnected Alarm Panel Add-on board.
Magnetic standoffs - $4.5+
Hold your Konnected boards in place on a metal alarm cabinet.

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