Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE for wired security systems

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Introducing the new Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE Tap into any wired alarm system to monitor your zones in SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat without affecting the operation of your traditional wired security.

Introducing the new Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE

Tap into any wired alarm system to monitor your zones in SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat without affecting the operation of your traditional wired security system. Limited stock is available now!

The Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE is a new product by Konnected that allows you to connect wired zones to SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat in parallel to a traditional wired security system panel. It works by "piggybacking" on the wired sensor loop, monitoring it in real-time without interfering with the normal operation of the traditional alarm system. This product uses the same NodeMCU WiFi module and open-source firmware and software as the original Konnected Alarm Panel to connect wirelessly to the home automation hub/platform of your choice.

What you can do with the Alarm Panel INTERFACE:

  • Monitor any wired zones including door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, and some smoke/CO detectors (4-wire models only) in your favorite home automation platform for use with automation
  • Monitor unlimited zones by adding more 6-zone modules. Use the drop-down menu above to save on a 6, 12, 18 or 24 zone kit
  • Keep your existing alarm system keypads and monitoring service -- Konnected doesn't interfere with the operation of the traditional alarm
  • Use the included relay module to trip a zone on your existing alarm system. This can be used to trigger an intrusion from your automation platform, or used to control a key switch to arm/disarm the traditional system*
  • Power from the AUX output of the traditional system or via an external power adapter (included in larger kits)

* Consult the programming guide from your existing system to determine if it has key switch capabilities. You may need an unused, available zone on your existing system to program a key switch. Konnected support cannot assist with programming your traditional alarm panel.

What you can NOT do with this product:

  • The Alarm Panel Interface does NOT have direct communication with the traditional panel and cannot natively monitor the armed/disarmed state of the alarm system.
  • It currently does not work with Zone 1 on Ademco VISTA panels. This is because Zone 1 is isolated for use with smoke detectors on these panels. We're still working on a solution for this.
  • Not for use where UL listing is required. The Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE board is not UL certified and connecting it to UL certified equipment may invalidate its certification.

What's Included in the Kit

  • Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE board(s), one for every 6 zones
  • WiFi module for each Konnected board
  • Male-to-male jumper wires for connecting all zones
  • 1 relay module with mounting standoffs and jumper wires
  • Magnetic standoffs for the Konnected board(s)
  • DC power pigtail
  • DC power splitter (12 zone kits and larger)
  • 12V DC power adapter (18 zone kits and larger)
  • Konnected window sticker and logo sticker

Which Product is Right For Me?

Confused about which Konnected product is right for you? Check this side-by-side comparison:

  Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE
this product
Konnected Alarm Panel
our original product available here
Installation method Connects in parallel to an existing wired alarm system via jumper wires from each zone to the Konnected board. Completely replaces an existing wired alarm system. Connect sensor wires directly to the Konnected board.
Smart Home platforms supported

SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat

SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat
Arming & disarming

Arm and disarm your existing alarm system as you normally do using the keypads.

If your existing system supports it, you may be able to arm & disarm remotely via the Konnected board using a relay and key switch.

Arm and disarm using your smart home framework.

Keep your existing keypads.

Not compatible with existing keypads. Keypads are not necessary with home automation. Control from your smartphone, voice assistant, or replace the keypads with wall-mounted touchscreen tablets.
Professional Monitoring

Keep your existing pro monitoring service.

Self-monitor for free with no recurring fees.

Noonlight pro monitoring is available on some platforms via smart home integrations.

Connect an external communicator with inputs using a relay module.

Siren Connection

No built-in siren connection.

It's possible to control the siren via Konnected using the included relay module.

Built-in connection(s) for most 12V alarm system sirens.

Best Choice For

Your existing alarm system still works, you use it frequently and are happy with it.

You want to also use your wired sensors for smart home automation including lighting, HVAC, notifications, etc.

Your existing wired alarm system either doesn't work, isn't used frequently, or doesn't meet your needs. Or, your home is pre-wired with sensors but no alarm system is installed.

You prefer low-cost, convenience,  control, and automation over "industry standard" security systems.

Availability & Shipping

We currently have 1,000 units from our first production run available now. Most orders ship in 1 - 2 business days.

Support, Warranty and Returns

All purchases come with our top-rated technical support via our Help & Support Portal, email and telephone (by appointment only).  Videos and installation guides for this new product are coming soon.

The hardware comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. If any component fails within one year we will replace it at no cost to you.

60-day money back guarantee. You can return the product in working condition for a refund (minus the cost of return shipping) for any reason within 60 days from the day you receive it. To initiate a return, please contact us via the Help & Support link above.

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