Lightning protection kit (set of 6)

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Nearby lightning strikes can cause damage to your v1 Konnected devices if too much electrical energy is absorbed by the copper sensor wires in your walls. See our lightning protection blog article for more details.

** For our 1st generation products only. Additional lightning protection is not needed for our current generation products. **

This kit includes lightning protection diodes and crimp connectors to install a layer of protection between your copper wiring and the v1 Konnected device.

Package includes

  • 6x Lightning protection diodes (1N4148 diodes)*
  • 6x Wire crimp connectors ("B connectors")*

* This kit is sold in sets of 6, but a couple extras will be included for your convenience. 

* This kit is not necessary with either of our v2 panels (Panel 2 or Panel Pro)

Tools needed

  • Wire crimp tool or pliers

Installation Instructions

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