2.2.3 Firmware/software Update - temperature probe; auto retry & failsafe; new SmartThings app

This update to Konnected includes a few new features and reliability improvements to the platform. We recommend that all users update, though it's not required and your device will still function without the update.

This update was originally released on Friday as 2.2.2, but we found a bug and quickly fixed it in this release. These notes include everything updated since 2.2.1.

New Features

  1. Beep can be used as an alarm. You can now create a continuous beeping or blinking signal, allowing for an easy alarm with a small piezo buzzer*. This is foundational work for an upcoming entry delay feature 😉
  2. Waterproof Temperature sensor support. The ds18b20 waterproof temperature probe now works with Konnected and SmartThings*. Use it to monitor ambient temperature of the room, pool or aquarium.

Other Improvements

  1. Automatic retry and failsafe. In case Konnected cannot successfully update the state of a sensor on the HA platform, it will now automatically retry up to 10 times before rebooting as a failsafe. This should resolve the rare "stuck sensor" issue.
  2. Actuators check state on reboot. After a reboot, any actuators (switches) will now check the HA platform* what state they're supposed to be in upon initialization and return to that state. Previously they would reset to the normal state (typically off) and could get out of sync.
  3. Discovery/UPnP standards update. Now more compliant with UPnP standards, broadcasting a NOTIFY message upon reboot. This may help with discovery issues on finicky routers.
  4. Panic Button SmartThings device handler now supports normally open or normally closed buttons.

* This features are currently available only with the SmartThings integration and updated SmartApp and Device Handlers. Home Assistant support will be following soon. These features require updates to the Konnected component in Home Assistant, therefore we must follow the Home Assistant release schedule to publish them.

New SmartThings app

The device handlers are updated in this release with some metadata for compatibility with the new SmartThings app. Samsung's new SmartThings app still doesn't officially support custom devices like Konnected, but this seems to at least make them function better in the the new app. See this article for steps to make Konnected work with the new SmartThings app.

Updating Instructions

  1. Use this guide to download tools to flash Konnected firmware and filesystem. Download the two bin files to flash from the latest release on GitHub.
  2. SmartThings users: Update the Konnected SmartApps and Device Handlers
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Hi, I am having trouble with my system. I have been using successfully ever since the prototypes were available. Lately one of my WiFI cads failed. I had an extra one and I installed it. I updated both cards to the latest firmware. I am using the Samsung classic app. Both cars connected successfully to my home wifi. My problem now is they are not being discovered by the ST app. Andy has given me some help . I followed the instructions. I am searching for an answer.

Atily Gunaratne

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