Investor Resources

Konnected is a privately held corporation (C corporation) incorporated in the U.S. state of Wyoming and operating its principal office out of Orlando, Florida. From January thru April 2022, Konnected conducted a limited-time crowdfunding offering of securities to the general public under SEC Regulation Crowdfunding.

Pursuant to SEC Regulation CF, the company makes available the following public disclosures:

  1. Konnected's SEC filings (EDGAR)
  2. Form C - Offering Statement filed 2022-01-25
  3. Offering Memorandum (Exhibits to Form C) - filed 2022-01-25
  4. 2021 Annual Report - filed 2022-04-13
  5. 2022 Annual Report - filed 2023-04-24
  6. 2023 Annual Report - filed 2024-04-19

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