Revive Your Wired Alarm System

Connect your home's wired alarm system to SmartThings or Home Assistant and make it smart.

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You can install Konnected yourself and never pay a recurring fee again.

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Connect your wired alarm system to 1000s of Smart Home devices

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The Konnected Alarm Panel

Connect your home's wired alarm system to SmartThings or Home Assistant, and convert your home into a smart home. Now you can monitor your home from anywhere using your smart phone with no recurring fees!

Works with any wired alarm system

If your home is wired for an ADT, Honeywell, Interlogix, Ademco, Brinks, DSC or similar alarm system, your home is pre-wired to be a Smart Home. The Konnected Alarm Panel is the first product of its kind that allows you to connect any wired alarm system to SmartThings and Home Assistant.

Installs in Minutes

See how simple it is to replace your old alarm system board with a Konnected Alarm Panel and instantly gain access to all your wired sensors in your Smart Home.

Features In Depth

The Konnected Alarm Panel works with any wired alarm system

  • Reuse your existing wired sensors

    Save money by reusing the sensors already wired in your home

  • Monitor your home from anywhere

    Using your smartphone, you can monitor and control your home security system from anywhere with zero recurring fees.

  • Never change batteries

    Wired sensors never need batteries, are nearly invisible when pre-wired in your walls, and are more reliable than Z-wave or zigbee.

  • Works with 1000s of Smart Home products

    Finally you can seamlessly integrate your alarm system with smart home products like lights, thermostats, smart locks touch-screen tablets, voice assistants and more.


The ability to integrate the legacy wired alarm sensors into SmartThings has been the greatest thing about Konnected. It allows me to use sensors I already have instead of buying all new wireless ones.

After purchasing a house with a legacy wired alarm system that I had no information about including passwords... I was able to take advantage of the wired sensors with very little effort in less than an hour.

I have two of the first generation Konnected alarm panels and I can't wait to upgrade them!

There's no monthly fee since you just monitor it yourself on your smartphone. So it's been saving us a lot of money.

Detailed Demonstration

See how Konnected works with common wired alarm system components