Build your smart home from scratch

With Home Assistant, you're in full control

If you’re willing to do some legwork to build a smart home yourself, Home Assistant is made for you. Tinkers all around the world appreciate this free & open-source platform for its powerful capabilities and thousands of integrations. It also runs on your local network, not in a cloud. 

Home Assistant doesn’t provide technical support because its users are encouraged to solve the problems themselves or discuss them with the passionate community of fellow DIYers. For some, it might sound like a con, but Home Assistant is simply THE home automation app for those who love advanced scripting and freedom.


Private. Local. DIY.

Home Assistant can do everything you need & more

Sensor status
Custom routines & actions
Presence-based actions
Personalized dashboard
Real-time notifications
Built-in home monitoring
  • Sensor status
  • Custom routines & actions
  • Presence-based actions
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Real-time notifications
  • Built-in home monitoring

Create your own smart alarm

Home Assistant provides tools for endless possibilities

Home Assistant, unlike other smart home apps like SmartThings or Hubitat, doesn’t have a “plug and play” smart home monitor. The reasoning is simple. This DIY platform is an open-source alternative for those who want to control every aspect of their smart home fully.

The built-in Manual Alarm Control Panel provides a way to create a smart alarm exactly how you want it using a variety of sensors. Community-supported Alarmo integration is a popular package for creating a Home Assistant alarm system using an excellent user interface.

Home Assistant’s powerful automations allow you to set up monitoring and alerting that fit your precise needs without relying on a third-party cloud.

As local as it gets

The most private smart home platform yet

Home Assistant runs locally and doesn’t rely on an internet connection or 3rd-party cloud. As an open-source download, Home Assistant runs on your chosen hub, meaning your smart home controller is yours. Of course, an internet connection is needed for remote access and outbound notifications. Home Assistant’s parent company offers an optional paid cloud service adding remote access capabilities and integration with Google & Alexa.

Made for ESPHome

Konnected's products are built using the ESP32 and ESP8266 chips and work with ESPHome firmware. ESPHome provides easy and powerful local integration with Home Assistant and is fully configurable and open-source.

Custom dashboard for every device

Adjust the app look for any circumstance

Home Assistant & Konnected are founded on similar principles

It’s all about giving control back to users

Konnected’s mission is to put homeowners back in control of their wired alarm system - Home Assistant accomplishes that on every level. We’re proud that our smart alarm panels work with this free & powerful smart home platform that lets DIYers maintain it according to their needs.