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ST Device Handler Update - Settings for Normally Open or Normally Closed

I just pushed an update to the SmartThings device handlers for Konnected sensor devices. This update adds a new device preference setting that allows you to select Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) individually per sensor. You can find the new setting after tapping the gear icon on the device screen in the SmartThings mobile app.

Most users will never have to use this setting because we've set the defaults according to the most common devices found in alarm system sensors. However, if you find that your sensors are reversed (reporting open when actually closed or vice versa), this setting will allow you to correct that.

Door & window sensors (contact sensors) are set to normally open by default. This means that when the contacts are separated, the circuit is open indicating that the door/window is open.

Motion sensors are set to normally closed by default. The circuit opens to indicate that motion is detected.

Smoke and CO detectors are set to normally closed by default. An open circuit indicates an alarm.

Water leak sensors are set to normally open by default. A closed circuit indicates the presence of water.

To update your device handlers, simply log in to the SmartThings IDE and go to My Device Handlers. If you're using the GitHub integration, click Update From Repo, check all the boxes on the updated device handlers, check Publish, then click Execute. If you've installed the device handlers manually, just copy-and-paste the updated device handlers from the stable branch on GitHub.

Your Home is Smarter Than You Think

Your Home is Smarter Than You Think

Does your home have an old security alarm system that you rarely use? You may not know it, but your home is pre-wired to be a Smart Home!

With Konnected and SmartThings, you can convert your outdated wired alarm system into a SmartThings smart home alarm system for less than $100 with no recurring subscription or fees!

There's never been a better time to convert your home into a smart home. Samsung's popular SmartThings hub is on sale for $49.99 on Amazon, this is 50% off the normal price! Konnected's alarm system conversion kits start at $49 and integrate seamlessly with the SmartThings built-in Smart Home Monitor app.

This Smart Home security system beats any other home security product or system on features and price:

  • Reuse your home's existing wired door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors and siren from your old wired alarm system.
  • No recurring fees. No monitoring service necessary. There's just a one-time cost for the Konnected Security DIY Kit and SmartThings hub (now on sale!) and that's it.
  • Monitor and control everything from your smartphone. Receive push notifications immediately of any activity at home while you're away.
  • Automate everything. Your security system knows when your home and knows when you're away and can arm and disarm itself automatically. No codes to remember or keypads to fumble with!
  • Completely extendable. Add more wireless sensors to extend the reach of your existing alarm system. Use your devices in combination with smart lighting, smart thermostats, or any other SmartThings compatible smart home devices. For example, automatically turn off the air conditioning when the windows are open.

With SmartThings on sale for less than $50, and Konnected kits starting at $49 you can convert your home into a SmartHome and have a full-featured home security system that you'll actually use for under $100

We don't know how long this SmartThings discount will last! Buy your Konnected kit and SmartThings hub today.

SmartThings is a registered trademark of the Samsung Corporation. Konnected is not affiliated with Samsung or SmartThings.