Our Mission

Our mission at Konnected is to put homeowners back in control of their home monitoring with products and services that make smart home monitoring open, accessible, and affordable.

The Timeline

From the day we started the company, through our first successes and hardships, to releasing flagship products. Explore the timeline of Konnected.

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  • 2023


The Idea

In 2016, Nate, a Silicon Valley software engineer, transformed his family's non-functional mid-90s wired alarm system in their California rental into a smartphone-enabled smart home monitoring system, inspired by the need for enhanced security after hearing about neighborhood break-ins. This innovation laid the foundation for Konnected.

Kickstarter Launch!

Fueled by positive feedback from the SmartThings community, Nate starts selling DIY kits online so that the SmartThings community can re-create his smart alarm system conversion.  Later that year, the Konnected brand is introduced on Kickstarter with the first manufactured Alarm Panel product.

Ship & Innovate

After a successful Kickstarter, Konnected shipped the first Alarm Panels, built an e-commerce presence, and gathered feedback from thousands of customers as we iterated on the product.. Later that year, Konnected introduced the Alarm Panel Interface, a way to connect in-parallel to a traditional alarm system.

Bringing It On-Shore

We re-engineered the Konnected Alarm Panel to be sturdier, sourcing high-quality components abroad and establishing assembly and final QA in North America.  It’s still one of the best-selling products in Konnected's catalog today.

Go Pro

The community asked for Ethernet, and this year Konnected made waves with the introduction of Alarm Panel Pro, a revolutionary IoT board featuring Ethernet, Wi-Fi, PoE, and 12 zones per panel. This game-changing product continues to be Konnected’s best-selling product.


A surge of stay-at-home DIY projects led to record-breaking sales tempered by operational and supply-chain challenges. 

Over $1 Million Raised on StartEngine

Konnected raises over $1 million on StartEngine and uses the funds to expand the team and invest in R&D to accelerate their mission.

Opening the Garage

Konnected now makes your Garage Door smart with the introduction of the Smart Garage Door Opener. Also, over 50 partners world-wide are now actively installing and reselling Konnected products via our new partnership program.

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Present & Future

Today, Konnected is a prominent player in the smart home technology industry, boasting flagship products like the Alarm Panel Pro and Smart Garage Door Opener, compatibility with over nine smart home platforms, over 15,000 cloud users, and a presence in 60+ countries. Looking forward, the company is focused on releasing next-gen versions of its flagship products, cultivating new partnerships, expanding its global reach, and enhancing its position as an industry expert.

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The Team

Introducing the people behind Konnected.

Nate Clark

Founder / CEO

Andy Wulff

Support Specialist

Oskar Smith Bey

Head of Content

Ben Lebson

Product Engineer

Rory Nolan

Head of Partnerships

Matthew Clark

Customer Experience Director

Darwin Vicente

Full-Stack Designer

Deejay Piaoan

Online Store Support

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