About Us

How We Started

The idea for Konnected started with a personal need – In 2016, Nate and his family were renting a home in California that had a mid-90’s wired alarm system that was out of service. After hearing about a few break-ins in the neighborhood, Nate was determined to modernize the pre-existing system so it could provide some peace of mind. Using his skills as a Silicon Valley software engineer, Nate found a way to connect his older wired security sensors to SmartThings, enabling smart home monitoring via his smartphone.

Our Mission

Our mission at Konnected is to put homeowners back in control of their home monitoring with products and services that make smart home monitoring open, accessible, and affordable. Konnected’s technology makes it economical and easy to retrofit or "upcycle" traditional wired alarm systems so they can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, giving you eyes on your home at all times and integration with the smart home platforms that you already love.

Partner With Us

If Konnected sounds like it could fix a home security problem in your life, we would love to hear from you. We realize that the heart resides in the home - that’s why we started the business in the first place. Our homes are where we store our memories, loved ones, and keepsakes and with Konnected, that much-needed security can - quite literally - be at your fingertips. Intrigued but want to know more? Why not get in touch with one of our agents today who can walk you through what Konnected can do for you. Stay Konnected, and let’s get peace of mind together.


  • Nate Clark, Founder/CEO

    Former silicon valley software engineer turned IoT entrepreneur. Open-source enthusiast, tinkerer, and inventor responsible for defining Konnected's mission.

  • Carl Boyce, Product Engineer

    Electrical engineer with over a decade of experience designing products and circuits for high-tech detection devices.

  • Andy Wulff, Support Specialist

    DIYer, maker, problem solver and smart-home enthusiast with over 60 connected devices.

  • Ben Lebson, Product Engineer

    Passionate maker with a background in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in the Commercial Aerospace Industry.

  • Reese Patel, Support Specialist

    DIYer, problem solver, smart home enthusiast with over a decade of experience in IT Professional Services.

  • Carrie Meyer, E-commerce Operations

    Customer Service Specialist with a background in Business Management.

  • Heather Lanz, Full-Stack Designer

    Hands-on DIYer and creative entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in multidisciplinary design

  • Oskar Smith-Bey, Content & Community Manager

    Marketing professional who loves turning product features into user benefits

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