2.2.6 Support update

2.2.6 Support update

Time for another software update!

This release contains a number of small fixes and improvements to address some frequent initial setup issues and common support requests. A few minor enhancements were also added.

Konnected firmware/software updates

  1. Wipe or "factory reset" settings by holding down the FLASH button. This reduces the need to use a computer to re-flash for users who want to start over from scratch.
  2. Introduces a 30 second pause before rebooting in a retry/failsafe scenario. This gives the user a window to reset the device in case of a bad configuration.
  3. API improvement: Actuate multiple switches/outputs with a single HTTP PUT
  4. Bug fix: Fix crash from malformed JSON response

SmartThings & Hubitat updates

  1. Momentary switch state change now reflects accurate momentary duration.
  2. Improve selection of pin mapping (Zones vs Pins) and allow mapping to be changed.
  3. Adds debugging when adding/removing devices to help with "Error saving page" messages
  4. Adds ability to re-generate an OAuth token (SmartThings only)

Note: SmartThings & Hubitat updates are backwards compatible with devices running 2.2.x


See the following articles for steps to update:
Flashing Konnected Firmware & Software
SmartThings: Updating Konnected SmartApps & Device Handlers
Hubitat: Install Konnected Apps

As always, the updated binaries and source code are available on GitHub

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