Alarm Panel Pro June update

Quick update on the Alarm Panel Pro that we've all been anxiously awaiting.

As you know, we've had a number of setbacks getting the Alarm Panel Pro into production due to challenges getting it to meet FCC regulatory requirements for unintentional radio-frequency interference. While we did not anticipate this challenge, we've never given up on it and are still 100% committed to producing a high-quality and fully compliant product that we can be proud of and you will love. Several iterations on the hardware and parts have contributed to a better quality product overall.

Our next hardware revision is scheduled to be tested the week of June 29thWe're really confident about this one. Our last test was so close, and we feel like the improvements integrated into this latest revision will be enough to get the green light.

I know you all want to know, "when will I get my pre-order?"
Assuming we get a favorable result from testing around the first week of July, the plan is to manufacture in a few phases so we can get the product out the door as efficiently as possible.

  1. We will have about 50 units to ship immediately in July. These will go to the first super-early pre-orders placed in September last year.
  2. The next batch should be ready to start shipping in mid or late August. These will satisfy all pre-orders placed thru January 2020.
  3. The third batch looks like it will land in September, and this batch should satisfy all the remaining pre-orders.
  4. If you order today, expect delivery no sooner than September 2020.

Again, we're doing our best to get a compliant product produced and shipped as quickly as we can. I know these timelines look painful, and many of you have waited for so long. I thank you again for your continued support and patience!

I'm looking forward to sharing more news the first week of July!

Nate Clark

Konnected Founder

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