Alarm Panel Pro Production Schedule!

Alarm Panel Pro Production Schedule!

I'm thrilled and relieved to finally announce that the long awaited Konnected Alarm Panel Pro has passed the mandatory compliance tests and has now entered the production phase! Yes, this took much longer than we anticipated, and yes we are many months behind schedule, but the goal line is now in sight! I'm confident that the product is much better as a result of this process, and you won't be disappointed when you finally do receive yours!

I'll elaborate more on the testing and compliance results further below, but first:

When can I expect to receive mine?

In order to optimize production efficiency and timelines, we are producing the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro in several batches:

  1. Batch 2006 - The first 50 units were already fabricated and completed in June and will be ready to ship within a couple weeks! These 50 units still require minor re-work (a few surface-mount parts replaced) to meet compliance. They're at the manufacturer now awaiting re-work. As soon as we receive them, these will be sent out to the first 50 pre-order customers, hopefully by the end of July.

  2. Batch 2007 - Our first production volume batch is submitted and the deposit has been paid! This batch will satisfy about half of the pre-orders to date, and is expected to start shipping in the first week of September. This batch should satisfy all pre-orders placed thru February or into March 2020.

  3. Batch 2009 - The second production batch is also submitted and deposit paid. This batch is a larger volume, which requires more production time, and is expected to ship in mid-October 2020. This batch will satisfy all of the remaining pre-orders to date as well as new orders placed today.

  4. Batch 2010 - We're sourcing components now for a third production batch to be ready in November 2020 to stock up for the busy holiday season!

In general, pre-orders will be fulfilled in the order that they were received, with the earliest order numbers being queued for fulfillment first. For those of you who placed multiple orders at different times, the earliest order number will determine your spot in the fulfillment queue.

The batch number represents the month and year of production. For example, batch 2007 is produced in year 2020 and month 07.

Price increases start in August

As of today, you can still pre-order the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro starting at $199. Starting August 1 or when the first batch is completely shipped (whichever comes first), prices will increase slightly. As each pre-order batch is complete, prices will increase a little more until reaching the full retail price of $229 by November 2020.

Compliance Testing and Standards

The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro now has been proven to meet all of the following regulatory standards:

  • Conducted Emissions — FCC (United States) 47 CFR § 15.107 Subpart B; EN (Europe) 55032 / AS/NZS CISPR 32
  • Radiated Emissions — FCC (United States) 47 CFR § 15.109 Subpart B; EN (Europe) 55032 / AS/NZS CISPR 32
  • Conducted Emissions at Telecom Ports — EN 55032 / AS/NZS CISPR 32

The second bullet, Radiated Emissions, was the one that was such a challenge in bringing this unique product to market. Some of the high-frequency components on the Alarm Panel Pro that control the Ethernet connectivity had to be precisely engineered (and re-engineered) to remain functional while filtering or blocking enough of the unwanted RF radiation. The final result is illustrated in part by this graph:

You can download the full compliance testing result, produced by Intertek, here.

ESP32 Compliance & Standards

The Alarm Panel Pro uses the ESP32-WROOM-32D microcontroller from Espressif systems as its main processor, with a built in WiFi and bluetooth radio and antenna. This chip meets the regulatory requirements for radio frequency emitters in all of our major markets.

Note about CE marking for European customers: At this time, the Alarm Panel Pro does not bear the CE mark on the product as a whole (the ESP32 chip on the board does have a CE mark). The requirements for CE marking are vast and expensive, and the above regulatory results only validate one part of the CE directives. Konnected is continuing to build our technical file so that we can proudly apply the CE marking at some point in the future.

Next Steps

Those of you who have already pre-ordered, thank you! Without your support this absolutely could not have been possible. We'll be emailing you within the week to let you know where you stand in the pre-order fulfillment queue.

Everyone else -- now is the time to get your pre-orders in! Order here

We will also be releasing documentation and video content about the new product throughout the production timeframe.

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