Firmware Updates & New Web-based Flash Tool

Firmware Updates & New Web-based Flash Tool

With only weeks left in 2021, Konnected has some firmware updates for you as you head home for the holidays!

Firmware 3.0 for the Konnected Alarm Panel

Our original 6-zone Konnected Alarm Panel based on the ESP8266 chip gets its first firmware update in over a year! The 3.0 release of our original open-source konnected-security firmware is upgraded to include tons of fixes and enhancements from the upstream nodemcu-firmware, including improved SSL/TLS support. Most importantly, this release fixes an issue that was frustrating some Home Assistant users who were using SSL/TLS to locally secure their instances.

Because this is a major firmware update, we're not able to update to 3.0 automatically over-the-air. Unfortunately, this means that you'll have to physically flash the device with a computer and USB cable to get the 3.0 update, but we've made that easy with our new web-based flash tool (see below).

We recommend that 6-zone Konnected Alarm Panel users update to firmware 3.x whenever it's convenient. If your system is installed and working fine, there's no need to update right away. See the release notes on GitHub.

Alarm Panel Pro 1.2.5 Update

The Alarm Panel Pro also received an update recently and is currently available for over-the-air updating via the Konnected app. This update includes a number of stability and performance fixes, especially for WiFi-connected devices, and is strongly recommended for all Alarm Panel Pro users.

See the Alarm Panel Pro release notes for more details.

New Web-based Konnected Flash Tool

It's now quicker and easier than ever to manually flash your Konnected hardware with our new web based flash tool. We're deprecating the downloadable Konnected Flash Tool in favor of this hosted solution. One huge benefit is that it auto-detects your hardware and automatically downloads the right firmware for your board.

You can also connect your device for console logging in just three clicks using the web-based tool. This can be helpful for debugging or capturing logs to send to Konnected support.

Head over to to update your Konnected devices with a computer or laptop.


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