Home Assistant 0.77 update

Home Assistant 0.77 update

Home Assistant 0.77 is coming soon with some Konnected component updates!

New Features

  1. Native support for momentary switches. The most common use of this is to use Konnected to control a relay for a momentary garage door opener contact.
  2. Native support for ultra-configurable beep/blink switches. This includes support for a piezo buzzer for a door chime, entry/exit warning, or lightweight alarm.

Stability Improvements

  1. Konnected now loads the sensor and switch entities immediately after startup of Home Assistant. Discovery is still required, but this enables the entities to be set up earlier, preventing a reboot loop problem that could occur with the most recent (2.2.3) Konnected device software.

Breaking Changes

  1. Update your configuration.yaml to include the full 12-character MAC address for each Konnected device id. Earlier versions allowed you to shorten the device ID to the last 6 characters. Starting with this release, this must be changed to the full MAC address.

Documentation Updates

  1. Read how to use the new momentary and beep/blink settings in Home Assistant here.
  2. Detailed guide for setting up Hass.io secure remote access with DuckDNS and Nginx Proxy.

Update Now

Home Assistant 0.77 is available in beta now, and is scheduled to be released this Friday. To install it now using Hass.io, update to the beta channel in your Hass.io settings.


As always, we love hearing your feedback!

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0.77 HASS with Konnected works great. Was seeing multiple inconsistencies when either of the devices (nodemcu) or HASS rebooted. And would take indeterminate time to get back (if at all). But now it is very stable. Within few sec the entities associated to Konnected are back up and seen in HASS.

One problem I’ve noticed (I like to validate corner cases because this is a device that needs to always be on or come back online in case of any failure, etc as it’s monitoring the home) – is if the router or switch gets rebooted or due to some reason the link between Konnected and HASS breaks – the device seems to think it’s still associated but if any sensor or switch, etc is triggered – the change is not reflected. Is there some sort of heartbeat between Konnected and HASS that could be used by Konnected to determine if it is still associated and if not reboot it and get back online.
When this type of event occurs and Konnected doesn’t respond I manually reboot it and it’s back up). One more thing – even ping to the Konnected /nodemcu doesn’t work at that time – so the device is unreachable.
If there’s something that could be fixed it would be great or have some sort of heartbeat to the router periodically to ensure that network connectivity is still available.
Apart from that this release is very stable with HASS 0.77 all the sensors /buzzers/alarms work great.


Hey nice product.

I have some questions.

Is iy compatible with smart light and other producs so if the alarm go on that it can light up a group of lights.

Does it have simcard compatibility to call numbers.

Can you share the app with other users.

Can u use the old cpanel of the old alarm and install the konnecd to it.

Can you use another cpanel or tablet in the house ?

How do people will turn off the alarm if they have lost dear phone or something is dear a controlpanel for turing off the alarm or something like that.

Is the app compatible with alexa and google assistant so that we can control it with voice.

How can I become a reseller of your product ?

I hope too hear from you verry soon thank you


Sergio morman

Beep is working for me in .77!!! Thank you!!

Joe Barti

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