Home Assistant 0.77 update

Home Assistant 0.77 update

Home Assistant 0.77 is coming soon with some Konnected component updates!

New Features

  1. Native support for momentary switches. The most common use of this is to use Konnected to control a relay for a momentary garage door opener contact.
  2. Native support for ultra-configurable beep/blink switches. This includes support for a piezo buzzer for a door chime, entry/exit warning, or lightweight alarm.

Stability Improvements

  1. Konnected now loads the sensor and switch entities immediately after startup of Home Assistant. Discovery is still required, but this enables the entities to be set up earlier, preventing a reboot loop problem that could occur with the most recent (2.2.3) Konnected device software.

Breaking Changes

  1. Update your configuration.yaml to include the full 12-character MAC address for each Konnected device id. Earlier versions allowed you to shorten the device ID to the last 6 characters. Starting with this release, this must be changed to the full MAC address.

Documentation Updates

  1. Read how to use the new momentary and beep/blink settings in Home Assistant here.
  2. Detailed guide for setting up Hass.io secure remote access with DuckDNS and Nginx Proxy.

Update Now

Home Assistant 0.77 is available in beta now, and is scheduled to be released this Friday. To install it now using Hass.io, update to the beta channel in your Hass.io settings.


As always, we love hearing your feedback!