Homebridge Plugin brings Konnected functionality to HomeKit

Homebridge Plugin brings Konnected functionality to HomeKit

Apple's HomeKit users finally have an option to use the Konnected Alarm Panel natively in the HomeKit app!

Introducing the first release of the now officially supported Konnected Homebridge plugin built by open source contributor Mike Kormendy.

Homebridge is a platform that allows you to integrate over 2,000 smart accessories with HomeKit that don't natively support official HomeKit connectivity. Now, we can add the Konnected Alarm Panel to that list.

The Homebridge plugin adds support for discovering and provisioning Konnected Alarm Panel hardware, as well as configuring zones and armed modes in HomeKit. The plugin also handles typical entry/exit delays and beeper/siren logic to emulate the usability features of a traditional wired alarm system.

For more details on all the features available in the Konnected Homebridge plugin, see the plugin README.

Homebridge users, take 15% any purchase at Konnected with discount code HOMEBRIDGE2021.

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