Hubitat + Konnected: 100% local smart home security

Hubitat + Konnected: 100% local smart home security

We're thrilled to announce that Konnected now works with Hubitat Elevation, the newest smart home hub that runs 100% locally and is not dependent on internet access or a cloud service.

Hubitat is a new player in the smart home world and they've built something pretty incredible. When we first heard about Hubitat earlier this year, we knew that it was a a near perfect match for Konnected. While we still love SmartThings and all the capabilities it provides, SmartThings reliance on internet access and cloud services is a real concern for the security conscious DIYer. That's why we've invested significant energy in supporting local processing alternatives including Home Assistant and now Hubitat!

For those coming from the SmartThings world, Hubitat will be familiar. It supports most of the same devices, has a similar developer interface, and has a built-in analogy to Smart Home Monitor called Hubitat Safety Monitor that works flawlessly with Konnected.

Besides Hubitat's local processing claim to fame, it's also important to note that Hubitat's modular design (using a separate Z-wave and Zigbee dongle) allows it to be sold and operate in regions all over the world. This will be great news for our friends in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and parts of Europe who so far have been underserved by smart home tech.

Konnected works with Hubitat by loading our open source apps and drivers into your Hubitat instance. Once added, enable OAuth on the Konnected Service Manager app and then go to Load New App and choose Konnected (Connect) to begin the discovery process.

In the next few days we'll be adding Hubitat info and setup tips to our documentation library. 

Note: Our friends at Hubitat would like us to remind you that open-source apps and drivers loaded manually into your Hubitat instance are considered un-official and are not supported by Hubitat's support team. Please visit if you have any questions or problems integrating Konnected with Hubitat Elevation.

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Hay Nate, if I have my Konnected interface boards already paired with Smart things do I have to do anything to remove them first before loading and connecting them to Hubitat?


Lee pavlock

How does it function without internet? Does it have its own Wi-Fi to communicate within the home and trigger say the siren?


Sounds like a nice solution. Without relying on the cloud, will be able to give notifications or allow me to see the temperature in the house? Or does it run locally when no cloud as a supervisory platform but when connoted to the cloud can give the other benefits?


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