Konnected 2.2.1 update - TLS updates for Hass.io; advanced settings

Konnected 2.2.1 update - TLS updates for Hass.io; advanced settings

Today I released a relatively minor firmware, software, and SmartApp update for Konnected to address problems with Hass.io integration with SSL/TLS and a few other edge case issues. Here's a full list of updates and improvements:

  1. Updates to the latest NodeMCU Firmware release
  2. Fixes SSL/TLS handshake with Let's Encrypt certificates served by Hass.io. See: Using Konnected with Hass.io and SSL/TLS
  3. Adds more informative debugging output to device serial output and device status page.
  4. Konnected SmartApps now display a version number.
  5. Adds setting to disable the blue LED blink on transmission (ST only for now).
  6. Adds setting to disable device discovery (ST only for now). See: Disabling device discovery
  7. Removes some dead code and updates tests.

SmartThings Users: Please update to the latest Konnected SmartApps and Device Handlers from the stable branch via the GitHub integration with the SmartThings IDE.

Home Assistant Users: Home Assistant 0.72 (released today) contains a new api_host option. Update is recommended.

If Konnected is working fine for you, there's no need to immediately update, as there is no new critical functionality in this release. If you do choose to update, follow these steps to flash and re-sync your device.

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