Konnected 2.3.0 - OTA updates & Cloud Connectivity

Konnected 2.3.0 - OTA updates & Cloud Connectivity

I'm really excited to share this Konnected release with you today, as it represents the first major software platform enhancement since our Kickstarter launch! Konnected 2.3.0 is now available -- see the full release notes on GitHub.

This release includes foundational support for a few major enhancements to the Konnected platform, including:

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates
  • Direct to Cloud connectivity via Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT
  • Support for the upcoming Konnected mobile app
  • MQTT support

While most of these features are "dormant" today, the new foundation will really shine later this year as I continue to release enhancements to the Konnected software platform and integrations. Let's go into a little more detail about each of the items above:

Over The Air (OTA) Software Updates

If you're a current Konnected user, you'll have to physically connect the device to a computer to flash this update -- but this may be the last time you have to do so! Konnected version 2.3.0 includes the capability to update the software on-demand over-the-air!

Software updates will not happen automatically, they'll be done by using the upcoming Konnected mobile app (for iOS and Android -- more on that below).

There still may be some updates that are not possible to do over the air, including updates to the underlying firmware or low-level firmware security updates (if any) that are released by the chip-maker. But, this is a great step forward for convenience and enables us to introduce new software features and bug fixes more frequently and painlessly.

Direct to Cloud Connectivity

This update also includes a new connectivity option leveraging AWS IoT to securely connect the Konnected devices directly to the cloud. I'm building a Konnected Cloud Service on top of AWS IoT that will ultimately facilitate connectivity to your favorite cloud-based platforms, including the new Samsung SmartThings cloud platform and services like Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and more.

A large percentage of Konnected users use SmartThings as their home automation platform. As you know, SmartThings is slowly migrating to the new SmartThings app and cloud platform and this update is one step toward direct connectivity to SmartThings cloud without needing a hub! That's right, in the near future you'll be able to use Konnected to connect your wired alarm system to SmartThings without a SmartThings hub! The full integration is not ready yet, but we'll get there soon.

We're still 100% committed to local connectivity and control, so for the Home Assistant, Hubitat, and OpenHAB users out there -- have no fear! Your devices will continue to work 100% locally on this updated firmware. The direct-to-cloud option is simply another choice in addition to the current connectivity options.

Konnected Mobile App (Coming Soon)

I'm also working on a mobile app for iOS and Android that should be hitting the app stores soon. It's purpose is to assist with discovery, configuration and debugging your connected devices, as well as updating the software over-the-air. The mobile app will not replace your home automation platform for daily use, but it will make the initial setup a lot smoother! Stay tuned for more updates on this soon.

MQTT support

This firmware update also includes foundational support for an upcoming MQTT connectivity option. MQTT is a standardized protocol in use by a lot of IoT and smart home platforms, and really opens up the possibilities to integrate Konnected with a wide variety of devices and controllers.

Full MQTT support will also be coming in a future OTA software update.

Thank You!

Thank you for your support, feedback and feature requests. Without you, our valued community, Konnected would not have been possible. 

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Keep new products coming too. There is already a fanbase!


Sounds awesome Nate. Keep up the excellent work.

Mike Ferguson

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