Konnected Firmware 2.2.0 beta now available

I'm pleased to announce today that we've just released a major upgrade to the underlying firmware that Konnected runs on. This update primarily addresses security related issues (see below), but also improves the stability and foundation of open source software packages that will enable us to introduce new features more quickly.

Konnected is built upon the fantastic NodeMCU firmware, an open source firmware project for the ESP8266 WiFi SoC. We're extremely thankful and appreciative of all the hard work put in on this project by the NodeMCU firmware team and contributors that have made Konnected possible. This new firmware is based on the recently released NodeMCU firmware 2.2.0

Notable Changes:


  1. Fixes the KRACK WiFi security vulnerability
  2. Upgrades TLS to support industry standard TLS 1.2 for secure connections to SmartThings.


  1. Improved memory handling ensures a lower application memory footprint.
  2. Fixes a rare issue that causes frequent device reboots on some networks


  1. Includes new firmware libraries for reading temperature and humidity sensors. Future support for this is coming soon!

Known Issues

  1. Over-the-air (OTA) updates are still not working. As a workaround, we've released a Flash Tool to assist in flashing new firmware and software via your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. The new TLS 1.2 security results in slightly slower response times when communicating with SmartThings. Improved security comes with a slight performance cost in this case. Local communication (i.e. to Home Assistant) is not affected. Issue #2346.

Please try the new firmware today! We're releasing this firmware update in beta initially  and plan to quickly move to general availability once we've had a number of people test it. The new firmware images are available on the nodemcu-firmware-2-2 branch on GitHub. See this article describing how-to use the Konnected Flash Tool to quickly re-flash your devices.

As always, please send questions, comments or feedback to help@konnected.io or join the discussion on help.konnected.io or on Facebook.

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Just discovered Konnected and I am considering buying. Don’t have much electronics, wiring and flashing experience so I have some research to do before I get comfortable with trying to convert my system.

Does flashing of firmware involve delving into the system enclosure with wire connectors each time, or can this be handled fully through the app?

The existing system enclosure is a metal box which I’m assuming would block the wifi signal if closed, so is there any kind of recommended replacement door of plastic..for example?


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