Konnected Relaunches Its Online Community

Konnected Relaunches Its Online Community

We are excited to announce the big relaunch of our online community!

This community will serve as a hub for all Konnected enthusiasts to connect, share ideas, and support each other on their smart home journeys. Whether you are a long-time user or just getting started, our community is the perfect place to engage with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights.

Join the conversation today!

Here are a few key points about our community that we would like to share:  

Seamless Migration: We have migrated all users and posts from our old community forum to ensure a smooth transition. If you have participated before, simply log in using your existing email address to claim your post history.

Discourse Platform: Our community is powered by Discourse, a trusted and user-friendly platform. While it may not be a game-changer in itself, many other reputable companies use it, making it familiar and reliable to our community members. Check out Discourse communities of SmartThingsHubitatHome Assistant.

Become a Moderator: We are inviting passionate Konnected product owners to become community moderators. Moderators will play a crucial role in maintaining a positive environment and helping us run the community effectively. To be considered, you should meet the following requirements:
  • Be a user or owner of at least one Konnected product for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Possess advanced or expert-level skills in at least one smart home platform.
  • Have proficiency in English (knowledge of additional languages is a plus).
  • Sign up to become a moderator here.


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