Konnected's Alexa Skill is Finally Here!

Konnected's Alexa Skill is Finally Here!

Konnected and Alexa can help make your home smarter and safer!

Just launched – the Konnected skill for Alexa is available worldwide to connect your Konnected Alarm Panel devices to your Alexa smart home. With the Konnected skill for Alexa, now you can:

  1. See most* of your wired alarm system sensors directly in the Alexa app
  2. Ask Alexa about the status of any of your Konnected Alarm Panel attached devices
  3. Create Alexa routines based on state changes of your wired sensors
  4. Turn on/off sirens or switches using Alexa voice commands
  5. Set up Alexa to announce when a door is open

The Konnected skill for Alexa works via the Konnected Cloud service, so there's no hub needed, no monthly fee, and can be set up instantly by simply linking your Konnected Cloud account to Alexa.

How to enable the Konnected skill for Alexa

If you're already using the Konnected Cloud service for SmartThings, you can add Alexa integration easily. Your Konnected device must be provisioned and connected to Konnected Cloud to use it with the new Alexa skill.

NOTE: If you're using your Konnected Alarm Panel with a local platform like Home Assistant or Hubitat, you cannot also connect it to Konnected Cloud at the same time.

  1. First, provision your Konnected device with Konnected Cloud
  2. Open the Alexa app and tap on Browse Skills
  3. Search for Konnected in the Alexa skills catalog
  4. Tap Enable to Use
  5. Sign in with your Konnected Cloud email and password to link your Konnected account to Alexa

Within a few seconds, all* of your Konnected zones, sensors, sirens and switches will appear in the Devices tab in your Alexa account!

How to create an Alexa routine to announce when a door opens

Alexa can replace your old-school beep-beep sound with a pleasant and informative announcement when a door opens.

  1. In the Alexa app, tap on Routines, then Create Routine
  2. Enter a name like "Announce Front Door opening"
  3. Tap When This Happens, then tap Smart Home, then tap the desired sensor (e.g. Front Door)
  4. Select when the Contact Sensor is Open and tap next.
  5. If desired, set a time condition by tapping Change next to Anytime
  6. Tap Add Action and then tap Alexa Says
  7. Tap Customized and enter your desired phrase (e.g. "Front door is open") and tap Next
  8. Tap Choose Device and select which device(s) to respond from.
  9. Finally, tap Save

Wait, but I had Konnected set up in Alexa already via SmartThings. How is this different?

Yes, you may have already had your Konnected devices linked to Alexa already if you are using SmartThings, Home Assistant or Hubitat with Konnected and have also linked that platform to Alexa. The new Konnected skill for Alexa is a direct connection, without the need for an intermediary platform like SmartThings.

The Konnected skill for Alexa is faster, because it communicates directly with Alexa and doesn't rely on the 3rd party platform.

NOTE: If you're using SmartThings with Konnected and Alexa, and also add the Konnected skill for Alexa, it will create duplicate devices for each of your zones.

What's next?

This is just the beginning of Konnected's commitment to the Alexa smart home. In the coming months, we plan to introduce the ability for you to arm and disarm your alarm system using just Alexa, including routines and notifications for fully automating your smart home monitoring. 

As always, your feedback and questions are very welcome. Drop us a note at help@konnected.io

    * At this time, the Konnected skill for Alexa does not support smoke, carbon monoxide, or humidity sensors.

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