March Update - Production, Fulfillment, Konnected mobile app & more

March Update - Production, Fulfillment, Konnected mobile app & more

I have lots of news share this month in our regular update, lets get right into it:

COVID-19 Statement

We're doing our best to remain operational during this coronavirus pandemic. Our team is following all recommendations by local officials and mostly working from home and our private office in Orlando. Some of our vendors and suppliers are slowed down by the COVID-19 related shutdowns, so this may impact our production timelines in unpredictable ways.

I know that many of you are stuck at home for the near future, and you may want to use this time to do home improvement projects like making your wired alarm system smart! We're committed to being here to support you and get you the tools you need to do so in this uncertain time.

Fulfillment Update

Fulfillment of the Konnected Alarm Panel v2 pre-orders is well underway. We're shipping all Alarm Panel Kit orders that do not include INTERFACE modules, and today we fulfilled orders that were placed in early February. Kits containing INTERFACE modules will start shipping at the end of this week.

Alarm Panel Pro

The Alarm Panel Pro continues to give us challenges, and I'm frustrated that I have to to share more delays with this highly anticipated product. It's taking longer than expected to solve a radio frequency emissions problem that's just a bit over the limit for FCC regulations. We're on our fourth iteration now that will be testing this month. Functionally, the product works great and it's received very good feedback from our beta users.

Realistically, with even more slowdowns due to the COVID-19 panic, we're now looking at June probably for Alarm Panel Pro delivery.

Please understand that we're all working very hard on getting this to the finish line, and we appreciate your continued support!

Konnected Mobile App

We updated the Konnected mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store recently to version 0.4.6. The app is a tool to discover and setup devices on your local network with our new Konnected Cloud integration.

This update improves discovery and OTA updates and adds the ability to register devices and set up zones in the Konnected Cloud, which is currently available in beta to users in the U.S. and Canada, with global rollout coming soon.

        Get it on Google Play 

Konnected Cloud SmartThings Integration

We've opened up our new SmartThings integration via Konnected Cloud to all users in the U.S. and Canada, and so far it's received great feedback from hundreds of beta users.

The cloud-based integration is faster and much easier to set up than our original custom SmartApp integration with SmartThings. It works even without a SmartThing hub! However, we still have a few features to add to get to parity with the original integration.

We recommend that users new to Konnected begin using this new integration. Get started here after setting up your devices in Konnected Cloud using the Konnected mobile app.

ISC West 

We had planned to be at ISC West in Las Vegas this week, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it has been postponed until July. We hope that things calm down by then and hope to see you there. We'll have a booth in the Smart Home area.

Pre-Order Pricing Ends Soon

We expect to have finished fulfilling all Konnected Alarm Panel (v2) pre-orders by the end of this month, and pre-order pricing will end! It's your last chance to buy the Konnected Alarm Panel v2 at pre-order prices. Pre-order pricing ends March 31.

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