Production Update

Production Update

Something I've been saying a lot lately since starting Konnected is that "everything takes longer than you think!" Unfortunately, that remains true with the production schedule for the new 2nd generation Konnected products, and I'm pushing the estimated shipping time to mid/late January.

I know this is a disappointment, and I really wanted to get the new Alarm Panel Pro and Alarm Panel 2 out to you before the holidays this year. Last week we ran into an unexpected issue with FCC compliance testing, and have to make a few tweaks to the circuit boards to minimize unwanted radio emissions. Our engineers have already identified and fixed the issue, and we're fabricating new samples to re-test for compliance. This process takes about a month, and pushes our delivery timeline into January.

I've ordered a small number of additional samples that we will distribute to a select number of early-access customers at the end of November. Early-access group members will be selected randomly from pre-order customers, so get your pre-orders in by Thanksgiving to qualify for the early access group! 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! I'm so looking forward to delivering a high-quality and fully compliant product to you literally as soon as we can.

Nate Clark

p.s. below are some rough pics and annotations of the new products

annotated 12-zone hookup

An annotated photo of a 12-zone example hookup

RF radiated emissions test photo

Konnected Alarm Panel Pro being tested for RF emissions.

Konnected Alarm Panel Pro with INTERFACE

One of our testing mounts with a Konnected Alarm Panel Pro and two INTERFACE modules.

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