ST Device Handler Update - Settings for Normally Open or Normally Closed

I just pushed an update to the SmartThings device handlers for Konnected sensor devices. This update adds a new device preference setting that allows you to select Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) individually per sensor. You can find the new setting after tapping the gear icon on the device screen in the SmartThings mobile app.

Most users will never have to use this setting because we've set the defaults according to the most common devices found in alarm system sensors. However, if you find that your sensors are reversed (reporting open when actually closed or vice versa), this setting will allow you to correct that.

Door & window sensors (contact sensors) are set to normally open by default. This means that when the contacts are separated, the circuit is open indicating that the door/window is open.

Motion sensors are set to normally closed by default. The circuit opens to indicate that motion is detected.

Smoke and CO detectors are set to normally closed by default. An open circuit indicates an alarm.

Water leak sensors are set to normally open by default. A closed circuit indicates the presence of water.

To update your device handlers, simply log in to the SmartThings IDE and go to My Device Handlers. If you're using the GitHub integration, click Update From Repo, check all the boxes on the updated device handlers, check Publish, then click Execute. If you've installed the device handlers manually, just copy-and-paste the updated device handlers from the stable branch on GitHub.

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