Updates in Home Assistant 0.79

Updates in Home Assistant 0.79

Home Assistant 0.79 is now available in beta and includes a couple new features and fixes in the Konnected integration:

  1. Adds a inverse option to binary sensors, enabling support for configurable normally closed vs normally open sensors. This is commonly needed for a normally open smoke alarm loop.
  2. Adds an endpoint to Home Assistant so that the Konnected device can query the state of a switch at boot. This fixes an issue where a switch state can get out-of-sync with HA after a Konnected device reboots.
  3. Fixes bug where momentary switch would not reset when used with a low-level trigger.

The Home Assistant setup documentation has been updated on help.konnected.io with details about the new inverse option.

Photo by Karolina Szczur on Unsplash

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