Updates to Mounting Accessories in Konnected Kits

Updates to Mounting Accessories in Konnected Kits

As we transition Konnected from a Kickstarter pre-order product to retail, we're looking for ways to refine the product and streamline the installation and setup process. As a result of this, we're making a small change to Konnected Alarm Panel kits today:

All Konnected Alarm Panel kits will now include adhesive backed standoffs for mounting instead of the blue acrylic mounting panel and tape. The blue plexiglass board is now available separately for just a few dollars extra.

There are several reasons for this change, but mainly we're striving to make mounting your Konnected gear simpler and safer. We've received feedback from early Kickstarter backers that the mounting tape didn't always stick well, that it was difficult or too much work to drill holes in the mounting board, or that it was hard to arrange multiple Konnected devices on the plexiglass board.

These adhesive backed standoffs fit perfectly in the mounting holes on the Konnected circuit board and have a very sticky adhesive backing that works great on metal, plastic, wood, drywall or almost any surface. The standoffs suspend the Konnected circuit board from the mounting surface, ensuring optimal airflow and heat dissipation, and preventing short circuits by accidental contact.

The standoffs are also more readily available for us to source in volume, and they simplify our fulfillment processes.

For those of you that still want the attractive look of the glossy blue plexiglass panel, it's available as a $5 add-on here.

We also offer magnetic standoffs as an add-on upgrade for those that are mounting in a metal cabinet and want a removable and reposition-able mounting solution.

We're transitioning to this new kit assortment beginning May 30.