Case Study: Clearpoint Technology & Design Installs Konnected at Heritage Christian Church

Case Study: Clearpoint Technology & Design Installs Konnected at Heritage Christian Church

Heritage Christian Church was in need of a comprehensive security and access control system for their 40,000 square foot facility. To address their requirements, Clearpoint Technology & Design undertook a professional installation, utilizing Konnected products and Home Assistant to create a custom solution tailored to the church's unique needs.


The project faced several challenges, including the need to repurpose existing equipment, such as old keypads and sensors. Additionally, the customer was previously locked into a 10-year contract with another security provider, which needed to be transitioned smoothly.


Todd Church and his team leveraged Konnected products and Home Assistant to provide a comprehensive solution. Here are the key components of the installation:

1. Custom Alarm Panels with iPads: The team converted the old keypads into surface-mounted iPads with a custom Home Assistant interface, providing an intuitive control system for the church's security and automation needs.

2. Zone Differentiation: To facilitate quick troubleshooting and management, the team implemented custom 3D printed alarm panel pro enclosures in various colors for different areas of the building. This allowed them to refer to each area as a colored zone, streamlining the identification of specific alarm panels.

3. Integration with Unifi Systems: The installation integrated the customer's Unifi Access Control system and Unifi Protect security camera system into the operation. This allowed for advanced features, such as sending camera feeds to the customer's phone when motion detectors were triggered.

4. Access Control Automation: The installation included automation for the four main entry doors with access control readers. Scanning a badge unlocked the door, activated the iPad, requested a code, and permitted entry. A specific door enabled badge scanning on the way out to arm the building and control various AV equipment during church services.

5. Audio Notifications: The sound system throughout the church played a special message when the building was armed or disarmed, enhancing the user experience.

6. Alarm Notification: In the event of an alarm, Noonlight was notified, and the customer received a call within seconds, ensuring a rapid response to security incidents.

7. Reusing Existing Equipment: To minimize costs, the team was able to reuse the majority of the existing cabling and sensors, with over 50 sensors being repurposed for the new system.

Hardware and Software Stack:

The installation included six Konnected boards, a Raspberry Pi 4 running Home Assistant, an entire Unifi Access Control system, and an Unifi Protect security camera system with over 50 cameras. The seamless integration of these components showcases the flexibility of Konnected and the Home Assistant platform.

Results and Future Possibilities:

The installation not only met the security and access control needs of Heritage Christian Church but also offered advanced automation and integration features. The successful transition from a 10-year contract with a previous security provider demonstrates the effectiveness of Konnected.

Moreover, the installation lays the foundation for future expansion and innovation. Todd Church's team notes that they are only "scratching the surface" of what the system can achieve, hinting at exciting possibilities for future upgrades and enhancements.

In conclusion, the Heritage Christian Church installation serves as a remarkable case study of how Konnected products, in conjunction with excellent partners like Clearpoint Technology & Design, can be used to provide a versatile, cost-effective, and customizable solution for a large and multifaceted facility. This project underscores the potential of these technologies in delivering comprehensive security, access control, and automation solutions for various professional settings.

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