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Get The Most of Konnected When You Add Zones

Level up Your Smart Alarm & Smart Home Experience

Suppose you own a wired alarm system (from ADT, Honeywell Alarm System, etc.) or already have a Konnected Ecosystem that mimics your original setup. In that case, it most likely has contact sensors on your windows grouped into one zone based on the floor or cardinal direction - but it doesn't have to stay that way.

There are plenty of benefits to separating zones within one's smart home, and before we get into it, we need to let you in on a secret. You can mix & match Konnected Alarm Panels however you like because each works independently! It doesn't matter if you currently have v1 or v2 or want to add the Alarm Panel Pro to an ecosystem that initially ran only on a 6-zone Alarm Panel. 

Today, we encourage you to try something new by attaching more panels to your alarm system or upgrading one of our older devices. With Konnected, making each wired sensor a separate zone or adding new sensors can improve your home life.

Use Every Sensor to the Maximum

As we already mentioned, in many traditional wired alarm systems that our customers find in their homes, the windows are grouped - since that's standard practice across the industry. 

More to it, it's ubiquitous that entry doors (e.g., front door & garage door) are grouped into "Zone 1", since alarm system customers mostly care about perimeter security. 

That being said, even though it's not a requirement, it's beneficial to separate your wired sensors as much as possible. Why is that? It's pretty simple – the more access you have to a particular sensor, the more you can do with it as a part of your smart alarm system (and smart home in general). 

For example, isn't it nice to know which window has been left open or have automation between a front door and a smart light in the entryway? And when it comes to home security – separating each sensor into a separate zone will allow you to get more detailed alerts about any unusual activity in your home.

More Zones for New Wired Sensors

Did you know that you don’t have to rely solely on existing wired sensors? It might not seem easy at first, but there is a way to add more wired sensors to your Konnected setup - and with that, you might even want to consider adding more panels. 

Depending on where the main alarm panel is located, it might not be practical to wire new contact sensors into existing doors or windows, but you can drop a wire for a ceiling or wall-mounted motion sensor. 

Additional motion sensors in your smart home can help you with extra security - more rooms with motion sensors equal more precise home monitoring. More to it, wired motion sensors are beneficial for cool automations and routines. For example, to trigger a ceiling fan when you walk into the room or change the temperature on the thermostat. 

Multiple Alarm Panels in Different Places

Our goal was always to disrupt the status quo of the industry, and a decentralized approach to building your ecosystem is a part of it. Unlike traditional alarm systems, Konnected allows you to add alarm panels anywhere you want around your property. 

A traditional system requires what the industry calls a “home run” — all wires going back to one central location. Because Konnected is network-based and infinitely expandable, you can add more panels anywhere there’s wifi or network drop. It makes it easy to add sensors in new additions, detached structures, etc.

Think about it this way - if your property has a detached guest house or has been expanded over time, you can add Konnected Alarm Panels in any of these additional spaces. Multiple panels, wherever you want them, under one smart home - that’s Konnected.

Adding Zones is a Worthwhile Investment

Adding more zones to your Konnected Ecosystem can create a better smart home experience for yourself and your family. More zones allow for more comprehensive home monitoring, improved security, and more practical automations for everyone to enjoy.

Remember – it doesn’t matter what Konnected Alarm Panel you’re currently using or if you’re reading this before your first Konnected purchase. With us, you can mix and match every single model within our product line and expand the system your way - that's the beauty of DIY home security systems!





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