Practical Ways to Automate Smart Home & Security Home Systems

Practical Ways to Automate Smart Home & Security Home Systems

How to use your smart devices to their full potential by including your wired door alarms, window alarm sensors, or motion sensors in your automations

Konnected Alarm Panels give users the unique opportunity to utilize wired sensors in their homes in a way that goes beyond traditional security. Once correctly installed and synced with a smart home platform of choice, Konnected devices work as a bridge between any of the connected wired sensors and other smart home devices (e.g., smart lights, smart thermostat, etc.) 

Below you can find some simple ideas on how to elevate your smart home experience using Konnected. All of the leading smart home platforms have the ability to "automate" actions based on sensor or device triggers, timing, or user commands. When you combine multiple smart devices and put some planning into lifestyle automations, your smart home can make home life so much nicer!

#1 Walk into a lit-up entryway

Imagine how cool it would be to unlock your front door and walk into a nicely lit entryway as you return from work without having to flip the switch. With Konnected - you can make it happen! All you need is a door contact sensor wired into our alarm panel and smart light. Of course, the smart light has to be compatible with one of the smart home platforms that our devices are - like SmartThings or Alexa. With Konnected, door alarms are more than just alarms!

#2 No more AC running when you open a window

How often have you cracked a window open and forgotten that your heater or air conditioner is still running, resulting in a high electricity bill? Yes, we've been there too. If you own a smart thermostat and it's integrated with the same smart home app as your Konnected ecosystem, you can create automation that turns off the smart thermostat automatically the moment you decide to let some fresh air into your home. That's one cool way to use your window alarm sensors, isn't it?

#3 Feel a nice breeze when you enter a room

Motion sensors are found in millions of homes. As per name - they detect any motion within the given space. With Konnected, you can use them for more than just home monitoring! For example, if you have a smart ceiling fan in the same room as the motion sensor, you can create an automation that turns them on as the motion is detected when you walk into the room.

#4 No motion detected? No light!

Another prime example of something we all do is leave the light on for no reason. It doesn’t have to be that way ever again! All your rooms with motion sensors can now become pre-set to have their lights turned off when there's no more motion. That’s one easy way to save big bucks every month and have one less worry.

#5 Let the music greet you

Almost every modern household has one of the smart speakers, and it’s no secret that they’re not just for playing music from your phone. Did you know that you can (quite literally) waltz into your room and make your speaker play your favorite music for you right away by setting up a door or motion sensor trigger? Now you do!

#6 Make your robot vacuum go to sleep when you’re home

Sometimes the true life improvement lies in the smallest things. We all love our smart vacuums, but we don’t always like it when we hear the thumping sound of them hitting all the furniture. You can set it on a timer, but you can also take it to the next level - make it go to sleep every time motion is detected in a room you’re in.

#7 Movie night starts when the smart blinds are down

There is nothing like an easy way to ensure the mood is on point every time you watch a movie. Set up automation in your TV/movie room that makes the smart blinds go down and dim the lights when someone’s present in the room (via the motion sensor). That way, you can now appreciate your pricey smart blinds even more!

#8 Get an alert when your door or window is left open

You might have kids that always play around in the backyard and never close the patio door behind them; you might rush to leave for work and forget about closing the window… Situations like these happen daily, so set up your smartphone to notify you when it does! Who would've thought that alarm window sensors can make your life a lot easier?!

#9 Automate your nightlights

Once building smart home routines, one should always look at finding solutions for everyday struggles. Now picture this - you wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, you're still half-asleep, and you turn on that big light. Not fun. With Konnected and smart LED light strips, you can enjoy a nice, delicate light every time you walk into your kitchen at night and motion is detected.

#10 Shed light on any suspicious activity 

Now let’s get a bit more serious. Don’t forget that Konnected Alarm Panels are indeed… alarm panels. What does it mean for you? For example, you can create a routine that if your alarm gets triggered while in night mode, all of your house lights will turn on automatically. It’s a great way to add another level of security apart from alarm sirens to ensure that you’re not going to miss anything.

The possibilities of home automation are endless 

Remember that no matter how many examples of smart home routines and automations you read about, there’s always more. It’s not an exaggeration to say that every wired sensor plugged into Konnected can trigger any smart device in your home in any way you want it to, as long as they work under the same smart home platform. 

If you’re seeking more inspiration or want to share your ideas about maximizing the smart home experience, check out Konnected Users Group on Facebook and Reddit where our customers chat with each other daily. 

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