Why Are Wired Alarm Systems Better Than Wireless Alarm Systems?

Why Are Wired Alarm Systems Better Than Wireless Alarm Systems?

Home security has always been of utmost importance to homeowners. The development of wireless technology has brought many advancements to home security systems. However, when it comes to choosing between wired and wireless alarm systems, the former is the better option. Read this short article to learn about the benefits of wired alarm systems and how to make them smart with Konnected.

1. Reliability

Wired alarm systems are more reliable than wireless systems

The wired sensors are directly connected to the control panel with wires; therefore, there’s no chance of interference or loss of signal. In contrast, various factors such as distance, signal interference, or low battery levels can affect wireless alarm systems. Wired systems are less prone to these issues and provide a stable and consistent connection. 

2. Security

Wired alarm systems are more secure than wireless systems. 

Wired systems are less vulnerable to hacking and jamming because they do not use radio frequencies to transmit data. Hackers can easily intercept the wireless signal, and with the right equipment, they can easily disarm or disable a wireless alarm system. Wired systems are not prone to these types of attacks. 

3. Maintenance

Wired alarm systems require less maintenance than wireless systems.

As wired sensors do not use batteries, they do not require periodic replacement. They’ll always work, as long as they are properly wired into an alarm panel.  Wireless systems, on the other hand, require regular battery replacement to ensure proper functioning. 

4. Integration

Wired alarm systems can be integrated with other systems easily.  

Thanks to Konnected Alarm Panels, wired alarm systems can be controlled by home automation platforms like SmartThings, Home Assistant, Alexa, and more, allowing homeowners to control their alarm system remotely. Instead of ditching the traditional wired sensors, you can now bring them to the 21st century.

5. Cost

Wired alarm systems are generally more cost-effective than wireless systems. 

Millions of homes worldwide already have the wired alarm system. With Konnected, you reuse what you already own instead of replacing the pre-existing system. If you wish to buy more wired sensors (like motion or contact sensors), they’re much cheaper than wireless ones. Wired systems & sensors also don’t require maintenance, making their lifespan longer and reducing costs. 

Konnected Will Make You Love Your Wired Alarm System All Over Again

When it comes to home security systems, wired alarm systems offer many advantages over their wireless counterparts. They provide a reliable and secure connection, require less maintenance, and are more cost-effective. With Konnected Alarm Panels, homeowners can upgrade their traditional wired sensors and integrate them with home automation platforms for remote control and monitoring.



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