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Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Module

Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Module

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Connect any traditional wired alarm system to your home automation in-parallel, allowing you to keep your traditional alarm system installed and functioning normally while adding remote monitoring, control, and smart home integration.

This modular accessory works with the Konnected Alarm Panel or Konnected Alarm Panel Pro. A relay module and a ribbon cable are included with each Interface Module. The Interface Module connects to the Panel 2 (supports 1 Interface Module per board) or Panel Pro (supports 2 Interface Modules per board) via the ribbon cable and the expansion ports on both the boards and modules. 

The Best of Both Worlds

The Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE module enables almost any brand of wired alarm system to integrate with popular home automation platforms in parallel. This modular accessory works with the Konnected Alarm Panel 2 or Konnected Alarm Panel Pro (will not work without being paired with a panel) to enable it to tap in to the wired zones on the traditional security panel, making them available for automation and monitoring in any of Konnected's supported smart home platforms. This enables you to keep the traditional alarm system functioning normally while adding smart home integration.  

Make An Old Wired Alarm Smart

The Konnected Alarm Panel syncs wired sensors to a smart home platform so they can also be used for automation, like turning on lights when motion is detected or announcing when a door is open with a voice assistant. Now your wired alarm sensors can be part of your home automation routines.

Enhance any Brand of Wired Alarm

When combined with a relay module (included) to trigger via keyswitch and programmable outputs to read your system's current state, the Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE makes any old wired alarm system smart by enabling remote self-monitoring and control via a smart home platform. Now you can remotely arm/disarm your traditional wired alarm system, automate arming/disarming, and get notifications directly to your smart phone when the alarm is triggered. All this without any monthly fees!

  • Keep Your Keypads: Won't interfere with arming/disarming and programming via your existing keypads.
  • Works Side-by-Side: The traditional security system continues to work as usual, with the added benefit of monitoring all wired sensors in home automation.
  • Automate Arming & Disarming: Arm and disarm a wired alarm system remotely or automatically by combining it with a relay module and key-switch on the traditional panel.
  • Monitor With Your Smartphone: A programmable output on the traditional alarm panel can tell your smart home platform when the alarm is triggered.

Works with smart home platforms that you already love!

Konnected is not a standalone app. Use a compatible smart home platform to set up and use your smart alarm.

Compatible Smart Home Platforms:

  • SmartThings
  • Home Assistant
  • Hubitat
  • openHAB
  • Google Home*
  • Apple Homekit*
  • MQTT
  • Mozilla IoT
  • Amazon Alexa* 

*Works with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or Amazon Alexa via your supported hub.

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20 Nov 2023
Diego V.
United States United States

Un stable Connection

Is hard to get connection with the card, maybe I lost my money. Because for alarm is super important to be stable. And the communication with the company ei bad. No phone

18 Oct 2023
Victor C.
United States United States

Great product and customer Service

Board worked great. Need to fallow the website installation instructions. But once setup , it woks great.

06 Apr 2022
George H.
United States United States

You Rock!

Hi Nate, The installation went well. I have a DSC Powerseries system which I need to preserve because the control panel is a lot easier to use and accessible than the smart phone interface besides I always know where it is.... I have yet to figure out how to use the relay to enable me to arm and disarm the system using smart things but I am confident I can figure it out. I would be nice to have a tutorial on the complete setup up using the Power series. The one on the web (not associated with you) is not very good and laborious to watch. Thanks for making a good idea better and so accessible! Your Rock!

27 Feb 2022
George K.
Canada Canada

Initial troubleshooting

I was please with the email correspondence with resolving my initial issues. I am also happy about the product, however it’s not the easiest to setup. There are a few videos to choose from but make it a bit confusing. Thanks Konnected!

14 Jan 2022
Naveen V.
United States United States

Could not use

These are not for DIY guys. No proper instructions are on the website while ordering. The instructions leaflet with the product is not clear either. All I wanted was to use my existing alarm panel and make it smart. Someone told me about his interface module. So I purchased it. But could not use. While trying to install found out I needed Konnected alarm panel to use it.

14 Jan 2022


We have software and hardware guides on our site at And you can always reach out to us at for guidance. They do not work alone. You need a Pro or V2 board. We have kits available.

10 Dec 2021
Stuart H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Awesome! A must buy for any Hubitat user. I'm in the UK which is slow with smart homes. However, I'll be flying the Konnected flag.

06 Oct 2021
Tom H.
United States United States

It works

Just got got it but it does what I want so far...

06 Oct 2021
Pawel F.
Canada Canada

Poor Homebridge and Homekit support

Hard to set up in Homebridge and Homekit. Wiring diagram showing the connection to the other module is incorrect. The strip is shown upside down.

30 Aug 2021
Mark R.
United States United States

Great Service

A nearby lightning strike damaged my first interface module and Konnected offered to replace it at no charge. The replacement took less than five minutes to install. It is an amazing product.

Konnected Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Module Review
15 Jul 2021
New Zealand New Zealand

Awesome addition to my home automation

This has been an awesome addition to my home automation platform (Home Assistant). Super easy to setup and get all of the existing sensors setup to be used for automations, and the ability to remotely monitor the alarm, was a bonus :-)

11 Apr 2021
Peter W.
Australia Australia

New Interface Module has it all

The quality of manufacture on these modules is high. Well made and compact. Adding the relay to this board instead of having that separate is a good move. My only complaint is that the adjustment potentiometers have been moved to behind the terminal strip and on my installation they are hard to see and adjust from the side where I have access. Otherwise it works well.

Konnected Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Module Review
05 Apr 2021
Jesse A.
United States United States

Worked as Intended

I ordered a Konnected Alarm Panel Starter Kit at the end of 2020. It arrived around the beginning of February. After spending hours trying to get this kit hooked up to my Ademco Vista 20P, I reached out to customer support. We ran through some diagnostics and found the interface module was not working correctly. They sent me a new one which arrived in late March. Once it was hooked up it worked great. Pros: Worked great allowing me to monitor the state of a few sensors, arming/disarming my alarm system via Smart Things and for monitoring the state of my alarm. Customer service was extremely helpful. Cons: Shipments took a long time to ship so don't expect these products until quickly. The defective interface module was also a bummer as it wasted a lot of time, but it was replaced at no charge to me. I would recommend.

06 Mar 2021
Rigoberto C.
United States United States

So far is becoming a nightmare

I believe that integrating this product could be a lot easier if there was a complete package and guide on all of the hardware that is require for at least 3-4 different implementations. The products should come with all of the necessary hardware. If someone is buying the Alarm Panel Interface Module, it should include the standoffs, jumper cables and at least suggest the relay module.

14 Feb 2021
David T.
United States United States

This isn’t all you need

I explained to the support rep via chat that I wanted to turn my dumb alarm system into one I could control with my phone. I was told this interface is all I need. Well that’s not right. It says right on the instructions that the interface just connects your alarm panel to some of the other smart ones. So this just sits in a box until I decide to spend more money.

12 Feb 2021
Regis-Martin S.
Canada Canada

Failed board

Dear Nate, Item worked about 20 minutes until a surface chip got hot and finaly burned. So was my opinion about that product. I would like to get replacement board. Being an Electric Professional Engineer, I know sometime manufacturing process fails. Regards! Martin

16 Dec 2020
Richard M.
United States United States

Not Ready

Should have built it myself.