How It Works

Konnected's patent pending custom printed circuit board with integrated screw terminals makes it easier than ever to convert any alarm with wired sensors into a smart home security system, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere, without monthly fees! Regardless of the make or model of your pre-installed wired security system, if your sensors are wired, Konnected will work!

Works with Any Wired Sensors

Konnected will work with nearly all of the alarm sensors already wired in your home. Door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, and many smoke and carbon monixide sensors can be integrated into your smart home quickly and easily with Konnected. 

Millions of Homes are Pre-Wired for Konnected

Millions of homes are built pre-wired for alarm systems, but most of these systems are decades outdated. Wired alarm systems have traditionally been closed systems that you had to pay a monitoring company up to $100 per month to use! Many homeowners with pre-installed alarm systems rarely or never use them because they are inconvenient, ineffective or too expensive to maintain. Konnected changes all that with our open source software, simple hardware, and integrations with leading home automation platforms.

Don't let those door-to-door salesmen and slick commercials convince you to spend hundreds of dollars on proprietary wireless sensors that require battery replacement and are clearly visible on your doors and windows when you already have simple, reliable wired sensors that will always work and are hidden discretely on your doors and windows.