Which Konnected products are right for you?

1. How many zones are on your existing alarm system?

A zone is a grouping of one or more sensors (i.e. Front Door, Kitchen windows). You can find this out by looking at the zone listing on your existing keypad or counting the number of zone inputs on the wired panel.


2. How many keypads are on your existing alarm system?

Traditional alarm systems have at least one keypad mounted by one of the main entry doors. Larger homes may have two or more keypads.


3. Do you prefer to replace your old alarm system and convert it entirely to a smart home system, or do you want to keep using your traditional alarm system as-is and add home automation capabilities to it.

4. Do you want to separate some of your grouped zones to individual sensors? If so, how many additional sensors will be separated to its own zone?

Konnected recommends that each door and motion sensor be monitored individually for best results with home automation. For example, if your existing system has Zone 1 including your Front Door and Garage Entrance Door grouped together, we recommend separating those and enter 1 here for one additional sensor.


4. If you want to be able to monitor your existing alarm system's alarm status remotely and/or arm and disarm the system remotely, you will need two programmable outputs on your existing alarm panel and one extra zone that can be configured as a keyswitch for arming/disarming.