December Production Update

December Production Update

The Alarm Panel Pro is being probed with test equipment as part of our compliance testing efforts.

Lots has happened since my last update on the production process for our 2nd generation of products. We’ve been diligently working to ensure that you receive a fully compliant product and have some good news ... and bad news.

Alarm Panel 2

First, the good news!, the Alarm Panel 2 has passed all required tests and we've now begun full-scale production! As soon as we received word, the entire team was hard at work to do everything in our power to get these into your hands ASAP. The latest update from manufacturing is we expect to get delivery at the end of Jan and start sending out tracking numbers in early February 2020.

The Alarm Panel 2 is so tiny! Here are a handful of our pre-production boards with a pen for scale. We think they're cute.

Alarm Panel Pro

Now, for the bad news. We found out this week that we still have some RF compliance issues with the Alarm Panel Pro that unfortunately will further delay the delivery of this product. Our engineers are working super hard to make some last minute adjustments to the boards to minimize RF radiation so that they comply with FCC, IC, and CISPR standards. This is going to add at least 4 weeks to our delivery timeline, possibly more due to the holidays approaching. We're looking at March now at the earliest, to be realistic.

Screenshot from a spectrum analyzer showing a peak at 50MHz. Our engineers are making some changes to the board to minimize unintentional RF noise.

Konnected Cloud and SmartThings Cloud

Finally, we’ve made major strides with the new Konnected Cloud, Konnected mobile app, and cloud-based SmartThings integration! To celebrate us nearing completion and to make sure we’re ready for prime time, we are looking for 100 or so beta users for a pre-roll out to test and refine and solicit your feedback! If you’re interested, please fill out this Google form to submit your information and we’ll be in touch.

This new cloud-based integration will eventually replace the current "unofficial" SmartThings integration. It's faster, more secure, and no longer requires a SmartThings hub!

Happy Holidays from Konnected

I mentioned before in my last update that we have a small number of pre-production devices that we will be sending out to randomly selected pre-order customers. This should happen in the next week, and I'll post a separate update here when it does.

We continue to be grateful to have you along for this ride where we are clearing a path that hasn’t been done before. The road isn’t smooth at all, but very rewarding once we get to the destination!


Nate Clark

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