Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener is Here!

Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener is Here!

Introducing the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener: Transform Your Old Opener into a Smart Device

Konnected is thrilled to unveil its latest offering: the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener. This new device revolutionizes how we interact with our garage doors, bringing old wired openers into the 21st century without the hassle of monthly fees.

Effortless Control from Anywhere

With the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener, users can effortlessly control their garage door opener from anywhere using their preferred smart home platforms, such as SmartThings, Alexa, and Home Assistant. The installation process is a breeze, allowing for quick and seamless integration. Once connected, users gain remote access, granting them the convenience and peace of mind of monitoring and controlling their garage door from the palm of their hand.

Optional Local Connection Available

Konnected prioritizes customer empowerment, offering a unique value proposition in the market. The Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener stands out by allowing a 100% local and customizable experience for those users who do not want a cloud connection. Our commitment to a local connection option, specifically designed for seamless integration with Home Assistant, emphasizes customer control and independence. By avoiding lock-ins to specific ecosystems, we differentiate ourselves from competitors, providing a more versatile solution. 

Accurate Sensor Technology

One of the standout features of the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener is its built-in optical laser sensor. This advanced technology accurately detects the open or closed status of the garage door, ensuring reliable functionality. Moreover, users can enhance accuracy further by adding a wired sensor. This added layer of precision guarantees that you'll always know the exact position of your garage door.

Cost-Effective Retrofitting

Unlike many other smart garage door openers on the market, Konnected prides itself on providing a cost-effective solution by retrofitting existing garage door openers. By transforming your old opener into a smart device, you save money and reduce unnecessary waste. The Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener connects directly via Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for an additional hub and simplifying the setup process.

Safety and Convenience Combined

Additionally, the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener offers an audible and visual warning before closing the door. Furthermore, users can access this device's features without the burden of a monthly subscription, making it an affordable long-term investment.

Embrace the Future of Garage Door Technology Today

The launch of the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener presents an exciting opportunity to bring your outdated garage door opener into the digital age. With its seamless integration, wireless connectivity, accurate sensor technology, and cost-effective retrofitting capabilities, this product is a game-changer for homeowners seeking smart home solutions. Upgrade your garage door opener and experience the convenience of the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener today.

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