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Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart Garage Door Opener

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Make your garage door opener smart! The Konnected Garage Door Opener retrofits an older garage door opener, letting you open or close it and know if it's open in real-time with your favorite smart home app.

Kit Contents

  • Konnected Garage Door Opener
  • Power Adapter
  • Hook-Up Wire
  • Mounting Hardware


  • Equipped with a highly accurate optical laser sensor to detect the status of your garage door (open or closed)
  • Compatible with SmartThings, Alexa, and Home Assistant
  • Option to incorporate a wired sensor to enhance precision (not required, sold separately)
  • Cut costs by upgrading your existing setup
  • Connects effortlessly via Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for a separate hub
  • Provides both audible and visual alerts prior to closing
  • Access all functionalities without any recurring monthly fees
  • Operates without the need for batteries


Find the Konnected Garage Door Opener manual & documentation here.

Quick Start Guide

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  • 60-Day Return Policy

  • 1-Year Replacement Warranty

  • Designed & Assembled in North America

  • Ships Worldwide

Make Your Old Garage Door Opener Smart

Konnected Garage Door Opener retrofits old wired garage door openers and brings them to the 21st century - without monthly fees.

After easy installation, users enjoy remote access to their garage door opener from anywhere via their favorite smart home platforms like SmartThings, Alexa, and Home Assistant.

  • Check the Learn Button

    Works with garage door openers that have any color Learn Button except for yellow, which includes Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman openers with purple, red, green learn buttons, and other brands as long as a wall push button or connection is available.

  • Identify the Wired Opener Button

    Konnected’s Garage Door Opener works with most garage doors with a wired push-button mounted on the wall, a simple “dry-contact” switch. This includes nearly all garage door openers made before 2015 and many newer ones except those with Security+ 2.0 buttons.

  • Measure the Garage's Height

    The optical laser sensor works most reliably when the ceiling is less than ~5-6 feet from the rolled-up garage door. In typical homes with a standard 7ft garage door and ~8-13ft ceilings, this is no problem. We suggest adding a wired sensor to ensure accuracy if your garage ceiling exceeds those numbers.

  • Built-in optical laser sensor for detecting open/closed garage door
  • Works with SmartThings, Alexa, and Home Assistant
  • Ability to add a wired sensor for even more accuracy
  • Save money by retrofitting what you already own
  • Connects via Wi-Fi (no hub needed)
  • Emits audible & visual warning before closing
  • Access all features without a monthly subscription
  • No batteries required
Create Automations & Routines Control Access View Activity History Receive Alerts
Set Up Through App Open & Close From Your Phone
  • Open & Close From Your Phone
  • Receive Alerts
  • Create Automations & Routines
  • Control Access
  • View Activity History
  • Set Up Through App

Built-In Optical Laser Sensor

  • Highly accurate time-of-flight range sensor
  • Measures fixed distance between rolled-up garage door and the sensor to detect if the garage door is open
  • Works seamlessly day & night
  • No extra accessories required
  • Monitors garage door status 24/7
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  • Built-In Optical Laser Sensor Only

    Included with every Smart Garage Door purchase.

    Best for:

    • most garages with ceilings at ~8-13ft
    • users who want the simplest installation & most common setup
  • Built-In Optical Laser Sensor + Wired Sensor

    Wired sensor sold separately.

    Best for:

    • tall garages with ceilings higher than 13ft
    • users seeking an extra layer of accuracy in case the optical laser sensor gets obstructed (e.g., by a spider web or dust)

How the Konnected Garage Door Opener Works

Our Garage Door Opener retrofits your existing dumb garage door opener and adds smart functionality to it.

If you wish to learn the detailed steps of this journey, visit our support page.

Device Details

  • Optical laser sensor
  • 12V power in (power adapter included)
  • 12V AUX power out
  • Input for wired sensor
  • Relay output to garage door opener switch
  • 12V switched output for strobe
  • USB port (for servicing firmware)
  • Built-in warning LED strobe light
  • Internal piezo buzzer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I read the manual for the Konnected Garage Door Opener?

You can view all of the Garage Door Opener support assets here.

Will my existing door openers (car, wall, and outside keypad) still work?

Yes, of course, they will still work. Konnected only makes your garage smarter; it doesn't take away any existing features.

What if I have multiple garage doors?

If you have more than one garage door, you'll need one Konnected Garage Door Opener per garage door.

Does this Garage Door Opener blink before closing?

Yes, this smart garage door opener gives you visual (blinking) and audible (beeping) warnings for ~5 seconds before the door starts to close. 

Please note that the visual/audible warnings DO NOT occur when the garage door is closed using your wall button or pre-existing remote.

Should I get a wired sensor for my Smart Garage Door Opener?

There are three main reasons to add an optional heavy-duty wired sensor to your Konnected Garage Door Opener: 

  • your garage's ceiling is very high (more than 8-10 ft)
  • you want an extra layer of accuracy in case the optical sensor gets obstructed (e.g., by dust or spider web)
  • you trust wired sensors more than any other sensors

How is it powered?

It's powered by a 12V power adapter (included) which plugs into a standard power outlet. Usually, the garage door opener receives power from a power outlet on the garage ceiling. No batteries required.

Do you charge any monthly fees?

There are no ongoing fees to use Konnected's Garage Door Opener. In the future, we may introduce optional premium features for a fee.

Does this garage door opener work with SmartThings or Alexa?

Yes, this product is fully integrated with SmartThings, Alexa, and Home Assistant (Home Assistant works through ESPHome).

Are there more integrations coming in the future?

Currently, Konnected Garage Door Opener works with SmartThings, Alexa, and Home Assistant (Home Assistant through ESPHome). In the future, we're planning on expanding the integrations list.

Is there a Quick Start Guide?

Yes, there is and you can view it here.