Konnected's Garage Door Opener Now Works With Hubitat

Konnected's Garage Door Opener Now Works With Hubitat

Finally! Hubitat enthusiasts can now retrofit their traditional garage door opener and make it smart 100% locally with Konnected’s Smart Garage Door Opener!

We launched the GDO in May initially with two firmware variants – one for our cloud-based integrations like SmartThings and Alexa (based on our original alarm panel firmware) and an alternate firmware built on ESPHome for local integrations. Initially we could only support Home Assistant locally, since it natively integrates with ESPHome. But now, thanks to the ESPHome API library for Hubitat by bradsjm we have released a Hubitat driver for our Garage Door Opener based on the fast and local ESPHome.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 2.24.48 PM

Hubitat users know that local control is important, and that’s why ESPHome is such a great choice as a new firmware platform. Its native API is impressively quick and flexible.

Both the ESPHome firmware for our GDO and the Hubitat drivers are open-source, allowing you to freely customize your device’s behavior and capabilities. I’m very impressed at what ESPHome can do – it’s powerful. However, customizing firmware is not that simple for everyone, so Konnected is trying to make it easy and accessible with a simple plug and play setup:

  1. Flash your device at install.konnected.io/garage-door-opener
  2. Install the Hubitat driver bundle
  3. Connect the wires
  4. Mount the garage door opener on the ceiling
  5. Calibrate the sensor

And now your garage door is smart – without any cloud service or third-party app!


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