New Generation of Konnected Alarm Panel Products Unveiled

New Generation of Konnected Alarm Panel Products Unveiled

Fans — I'm really excited to finally share with you what we've been working on this year! We're preparing to fly out to Denver, Colorado later this week for the CEDIA Expo to show the world the next generation of Konnected Alarm Panel products. I really appreciate all of our early adopters and fans for helping us get to this point, so I wanted to give you all the first look.

Thanks to all of you, the Konnected Alarm Panel has a been a huge success. In less than two years since our Kickstarter debut, we've sold tens of thousands of Konnected Alarm Panels to customers all over the world. Feedback has been consistent and overwhelming: you all love the open and flexible smart home integration, fee-free self monitoring, and infinite home automation possibilities.

We've taken your feedback and designed the next generation of Konnected hardware to be more reliable, easier to install, and added often requested features like Ethernet and PoE. I'm proud to announce three new Konnected products today:

  1. Konnected Alarm Panel 2 - a hardware rev on our original 6-zone product
  2. Konnected Alarm Panel Pro - an all-new Ethernet & PoE capable 12-zone alarm panel
  3. Konnected INTERFACE module - an add-on module that allows connection in-parallel with a traditional wired alarm system

Konnected Alarm Panel 2

New and Improved Konnected Alarm Panel

Our flagship product has undergone a redesign! The Alarm Panel 2 is now smaller than the original and more reliable than before. We've collapsed the original Konnected board and WiFi module onto a single circuit board, doing away with the separate NodeMCU WiFi module. This allows us to better control the build quality instead relying on the prefab NodeMCU module.

It still features 6 zones per module, is still based on the ESP8266 WiFi SoC, and comes in two varieties: an alarm board with a dedicated 12V siren output, and add-on board featuring a 5V supply and trigger signal for a buzzer or relay.

What's new:

  • Improved WiFi antenna design
  • Smaller form factor
  • Improved component quality and build quality
  • Improved power efficiency
  • Built-in lightning and short-circuit protection
  • Built-in overcurrent protection
  • Increased siren output current maximum to 2A
  • Expansion port for use with INTERFACE module

Everything that you loved about the Konnected Alarm Panel still remains the same. This new board runs the same open-source firmware and software, works with the same growing list of smart home platforms, and is straightforward and easy to install.

Availability. The Konnected Alarm Panel 2 is currently in the certification phase to ensure that it meets product safety and EMC regulations worldwide. Mass production will begin in late September with expected delivery in January 2020 for the Alarm Panel 2 and INTERFACE Module and March 2020 for the Alarm Panel Pro. 

Pricing. This product will replace the original Konnected Alarm Panel, with prices increasing to $99 for the entry-level 6-zone kit once the new product is available. Pre-order now starting at $89.

Konnected Alarm Panel Pro features Ethernet & PoE

Ethernet port view of Konnected Alarm Panel Pro. A detailed frontal view is coming soon!

One of the most common feature requests from your feedback was consistently "we want Ethernet!". People want the reliability of wired networking and the ability to send power to the unit with a PoE switch. Now you have it with the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro.

Key Features:

  • WiFi or Ethernet connectivity
  • PoE capable, or power with 12V power adapter
  • 12 input/output zones
  • 2 dedicated outputs
  • powered by ESP32 microcontroller
  • Built-in lightning and short-circuit protection
  • Built-in overcurrent protection
  • Expansion port for use with INTERFACE module
  • made in the USA from foreign sourced components

The Alarm Panel Pro is a product for those who want solid and secure wired networking with all of the benefits of a smart home integrated alarm. It works with all the same platforms and hubs as our original product. With the more powerful ESP32 processor, the Alarm Panel Pro is capable of fast and secure connections.

Availability: Currently being evaluated for safety and EMC certifications in order to meet worldwide regulations. We also have some work to do on the firmware to get it ready for release. Expected delivery January 2020.

Pricing: This product will retail for $229 once in stock, but is available for pre-order now for only $199.

INTERFACE Module Allows for In-Parallel Operation

Last year, in response to popular demand, we released the Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE product. This variation of the Konnected Alarm Panel allows you to connect in-parallel to an traditional wired alarm system. It's a great solution for the niche of users who prefer to keep their traditional alarm system and keypads, but also benefit from fee-free remote monitoring, notifications, and home automation capabilities.

We've redesigned the INTERFACE product this year to work with the two new products above as an add-on accessory. The new Konnected Alarm Panel 2 and Alarm Panel Pro both have an expansion port on the board for connecting the separate INTERFACE module.

This module allows you to connect in-parallel to your existing wired alarm panel, and the modular design makes installation easier by allowing you to mount the INTERFACE board very close to your existing wired panel. The modular design also makes it easy to switch over to the full alarm system conversion once you become comfortable with how much better a smart-home based alarm is than your old-school panel.

Key Features:

  • Works with the new Alarm Panel 2 or Alarm Panel Pro
  • Allows for 6 zones connected in-parallel to a traditional alarm panel
  • Tunable resistance dials allow for universal compatibility

Availability: Currently being evaluated for safety and EMC certifications in order to meet worldwide regulations. Expected delivery December 2019.

Pricing: This product will retail for $39 once in stock, but is available for pre-order bundled with the Alarm Panel 2 Add-on for only $29.

Join us at CEDIA!

We'll be demonstrating these new products at the CEDIA expo starting Thursday, September 12 this week! If you happen to be in Denver, join us at the expo for free by claiming a badge with this link: and code EXIV857460.

If you can't make it in-person, watch Nate on the CEDIA Smart Stage starting at 12:00pm Mountain time on Thursday, September 12 as part of the CEDIA TechBites program. This will be live streamed on Facebook! We'll post more details closer to the event.

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