New Product! Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE connects in parallel to an existing wired alarm system

New Product! Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE connects in parallel to an existing wired alarm system

I'm excited to finally announce today the availability of a new product by Konnected -- the Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE. Available now starting at $99

This new product allows you to connect an existing wired alarm system in parallel with Konnected. This gives you the ability to monitor all of your wired zones in SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat just like the original Konnected product, but without interfering with the operation of your existing wired alarm.

The new board has special circuitry that lets it tap into any brand of wired alarm system sensor loop without interfering with the existing system. It's designed to be connected in parallel with any type of wired open/close, motion, glass-break or other typical alarm system sensor (except for 2-wire smoke detectors) directly and at any EOL resistance value, therefore the brand or model of panel doesn't matter.

Since the launch of our original Konnected Alarm Panel product a year ago, we've helped convert thousands of wired alarm systems all over the world to smart home systems. However, we heard from a lot of you that you wanted to keep your existing wired alarm and keypads but also wanted to be able to re-use those wired zones for automaton. This product is for you!

This is NOT a replacement or successor to the original Konnected Alarm Panel. It's a new product with a different use case, and we will continue selling and supporting the original Konnected Alarm Panel as well as the new Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE for the foreseeable future.

Compare the new Alarm Panel INTERFACE product:

  Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE
now available starting at $99
Konnected Alarm Panel
our original product available here
Installation method Connects in parallel to an existing wired alarm system via jumper wires from each zone to the Konnected board. Completely replaces an existing wired alarm system. Connect sensor wires directly to the Konnected board.
Smart Home platforms supported

SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat

SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat
Arming & disarming

Arm and disarm your existing alarm system as you normally do using the keypads.

If your existing system supports it, you may be able to arm & disarm remotely via the Konnected board using a relay and key switch.

Arm and disarm using your smart home framework.

Keep your existing keypads.

Not compatible with existing keypads. Keypads are not necessary with home automation. Control from your smartphone, voice assistant, or replace the keypads with wall-mounted touchscreen tablets.
Professional Monitoring

Keep your existing pro monitoring service.

Self-monitor for free with no recurring fees.

Noonlight pro monitoring is available on some platforms via smart home integrations.

Connect an external communicator with inputs using a relay module.

Siren Connection

No built-in siren connection.

It's possible to control the siren via Konnected using the included relay module.

Built-in connection(s) for most 12V alarm system sirens.

Best Choice For

Your existing alarm system still works, you use it frequently and are happy with it.

You want to also use your wired sensors for smart home automation including lighting, HVAC, notifications, etc.

Your existing wired alarm system either doesn't work, isn't used frequently, or doesn't meet your needs. Or, your home is pre-wired with sensors but no alarm system is installed.

You prefer low-cost, convenience,  control, and automation over "industry standard" security systems.


We have a limited quantity from our first production run available now. Due to the busy holiday season, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for processing and shipment. We're doing our best to get all orders out in time for the Christmas holiday, but this isn't guaranteed.

I want to also extend a huge thank you to community member Ben Lebson who was instrumental in the creation of this product, including the design of the hardware and circuitry. Thank you, Ben and welcome to the Konnected team!

Thank you to all the Konnected users out there who have been generous with their feedback, praise and criticism of our technology. Its your passion and excitement that keep us motivated to build more great products like this! Don't be shy with your questions and feedback.

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I agree with several of the commenters here. If you don’t necessarily have the ability to control the system, then what use is the product. I want to keep my existing system, keypads, monitoring, etc, but add the ability to operate it remotely and see the status of the system. I really don’t care about zones. Either my system is armed or isn’t and is triggered or isn’t. A product that will allow me to see that and set or disarm it is one I’ll be the first to sign up for.


Hi Like Keith Wymen, I’m having trouble trying to understand the benefit of the new integrated system. If I may not have the ability to control the system remotely, why would someone go to this, as that is the purpose of using konnected? I want to be able to keep my original keypads. If the the new integrated system can’t be controlled remotely then that seems to be useless.

Greg Howard

Does you system support smoke detector and CO detectors?


Does the system communicate with Alexa?

Mark Schoenfeld

Can the I interface unit be used to control arm and disarm with Concord 4 unit (using relay and key switch)? If so which parts are needed for that control? Thanks

Jonathan Velasco

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