Ring to Start Charging for Security Features in March 2023

Ring to Start Charging for Security Features in March 2023

Starting Soon, Ring Alarm Users Won’t Be Able to Access Basic Alarm Features for Free

It’s no secret that Ring is one of Konnected’s biggest competitors in the DIY home security space. Did you hear Ring plans to start charging for basic security features on March 29, 2023? That’s right, self-monitoring features that used to be free in the Ring app are getting locked behind a paywall for new users!

This move is disappointing but not too surprising, given Ring’s longtime reluctance to embrace integrations with open platforms and APIs. In this article, we will explain what Ring features are becoming fee-based and how Konnected Alarm Panels are a great, cheaper, and more open alternative to Ring Alarm to make any wired alarm system smart.

See What Becomes a Part of Ring’s Paid Subscription

According to Ring’s website

Starting March 29, 2023, a Ring Protect subscription will be required to access Ring Alarm in-app features in the US and Canada, including digital notifications and the ability to Arm and Disarm from your app. If you owned an Alarm before this date, your current device will keep these in-app features. If you did not own an Alarm, these features will now require a subscription.”

Additionally, Ring Team has sent out emails to existing customers on March 2, 2023, explaining that there’s more that won’t be free anymore due to the implementation of Ring Protection:

“Beginning March 29, 2023, Ring doorbells and cameras will require a Ring Protect Plan subscription to access the Home and Away Modes feature. Home and Away Modes allow you to set your Ring doorbells and cameras to Home or Away Mode and customize settings in the Ring app and Alexa.”

We’d just like to remind you that this will never happen with Konnected.

Our company does things our way and puts the users first. Keep reading to learn how what’s now a concern with Ring will never be a concern with Konnected. 

Konnected Is Committed to Basic Free Self-Monitoring

At Konnected, we are committed to providing free basic self-monitoring solutions for our customers. We understand the value of keeping an eye on your home in today’s environment, and we want to make it easy for you to do so without breaking the bank. From a smart home monitoring solution that keeps your property safe to home automations between your pre-existing wired sensors and smart devices - we encourage you to change how you look at your smart home with us.

Konnected Alarm Panels Are Multi-Platform 

Konnected Alarm Panels don't rely on just one smart home app - they can work with multiple platforms, and it's up to users which one to use them with. SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant, and Hubitat, are all viable options for controlling your smart alarm system and devices. The benefit is that if one platform goes away or changes its policy in a way you don't like, it's as easy as shifting your current setup to another platform. Multi-platform compatibility opens an entire world of convenience for smart home enthusiasts.

Konnected Can Be Local-Based

Homeowners concerned about reliance on a private cloud and its effects on their security should invest in a local and or open-source smart home platform. Home Assistant and Hubitat are two of the most popular options for Konnected users, each offering a secure and self-hosted solution. Through either platform, smart home alarm systems can be owned outright for complete autonomy over safety and security. Local options like Home Assistant and Hubitat effectively let users take data security into their own hands.

Konnected Is an Open Platform

If you're looking for a self-monitoring ecosystem that is open and accessible, then Konnected Alarm Panels are for you. With open access to the firmware, users can customize their panels and stay updated with the latest technologies. Our original firmware is open-source, so users can learn from it or modify it! Additionally, our new official support for ESPHome firmware gives users full control over the firmware running on their Konnected hardware, offering another level of control and customization. With its flexibility, Konnected's products ensure that users never become locked into one platform or way of doing things.

Unlike Ring, Konnected Puts Homeowners Back In Control

We admire Ring for their sleek products, great marketing, and rapid growth, but we're disappointed in them for making this change. Sadly, this move is more and more common for cloud-based product platforms. With our commitment to providing basic self-monitoring features for free, both cloud & local-platform compatibility, and simple installation, we offer the ideal smart alarm system for any home or business with wired sensors. Konnected is an excellent alternative for any new or existing Ring user who doesn't want to start paying for Ring Protect.

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