10 Things to Know About Konnected Smart Alarm System & Panels

10 Things to Know About Konnected Smart Alarm System & Panels


Konnected provides the best security system smart home and here's 10 reasons why


Regardless if this is the first time you stumble upon Konnected smart alarm system, or you’re researching to see if we’re a fit for your smart home automation journey - you’re in the right place! 

We’ve talked to our team and, most importantly, dug into customer feedback and reviews and came up with our (biased but true) list of 10 things that you absolutely have to know about our smart home monitoring systems, and more! 



#1 There are no required monthly fees

Konnected is all about giving control back to homeowners. We don’t charge any subscription or fees for self-monitoring, and many of our platform integrations are absolutely free.

After installing one of our alarm panels in your home and integrating it with one of the smart home platforms we work with, you can forget about costly home monitoring fees and enjoy remote self-monitoring instead. 

#2 Konnected Alarm Panels work seamlessly with many smart home platforms 

We approach smart home monitoring with a philosophy of being open and interoperable with the ever-changing platforms and standards of the connected home. In contrast to a lot of competitors on the market, we don’t force our users to opt-in to use a single company’s app or cloud. .

Konnected has integrations with the best of cloud-based and local smart home platforms including:  SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Home Assistant & ESPHome, Hubitat, Control4, and Homebridge. We’re also actively working on support for the new Matter standard emerging in the smart home industry 

#3 There are two key alarm panels to choose from

Both are great, they simply accommodate slightly different needs. Quite literally, because the second one came about because our customers asked for it! 

The aforementioned offerings are the Konnected Alarm Panel & Alarm Panel Pro, the latter being our flagship smart alarm device. What’s the difference then? For short, the “regular” Alarm Panel is the low-cost solution and runs on Wi-Fi only, whereas Alarm Panel Pro is the “mightier” brother with more zones, Wi-Fi & Ethernet, PoE (Power over Ethernet), and way more.  

#4 There are two ways to modernize your wired alarm system

You already know we have two main alarm panel products, so now it’s time to tell you that both of them can work in two unique ways. We call them Conversion & Interface, and each of them was designed for different reasons.

Conversion is our most sought-after & recommended option. To put it simply, you take out your old alarm panel, place your new Konnected Alarm Panel in its place, and that way switch to free & smart self-monitoring. Or, if you have a new pre-wired home, you just attach it to your new wired sensors.

Interface is mostly popular with dealers & system integrators, but it’s also available for more advanced customers. It’s for those who would like to add smart home access and control to an existing traditional alarm system, keeping their current panel  and enjoying the benefits of Konnected in-parallel.

And if it sounds a bit too confusing… 

#5 …Our Product Quiz is an easy way to choose your perfect panel 

Some people don’t want to do too much reading, and that’s totally ok. Even though we offer an extensive support page, a helpful YouTube channel, a community group on Facebook, and informative product pages, we always look for alternative ways for our customers to discover the world of Konnected.

Therefore, if you’re here and already kind of tired of reading, go ahead and take our quick & easy Product Quiz. Don’t underestimate it either - it might be easy, but it has some powerful answers up its sleeve. ;) 

#6 With Konnected, you’re reusing what you (probably) already own 

You can save time and money by using the pre-wired sensors in your home versus installing new wireless devices. There’s only one key requirement for installing Konnected in your home - you either have an old wired alarm panel (that one with the keypad that most likely sits there unused) or have a new home that’s pre-wired for an alarm system.

Konnected is designed to take all of the wired sensors and bring them into the 21st century by making them smart. Once these wired sensors are plugged into one of our smart alarm panels, you can check on their status from anywhere, or see how…

#7 …Your wired sensors can become more than just home security devices

Switching to Konnected means that all of the wired motion sensors and door/window contact sensors gain a second functionality as home automation triggers as well as security sensors.

Imagine that your window sensor can now help you turn off your smart thermostat automatically, when somebody leaves the window open, so you can save on that energy bill. Picture yourself walking through your front door past sunset and the entryway smart lights turn on. All that and more is available through automations & routines tools available in every smart home app we work with.

#8 Never worry about arming your alarm again  

Automatic arming & disarming may actually be the fan-favorite feature of Konnected. Forget about accidentally triggering the alarm or forgetting to arm it when you leave home for the weekend.

Your smart home monitoring app powered by Konnected can be controlled remotely  from your smartphone and can also be set to arm/disarm automatically based on your presence, on a timer, or by voice command. 

#9 You don’t have to pay for third party monitoring, but you can 

Although most of our customers choose to self monitor their homes with Konnected, we know and appreciate the fact that some people simply want to have that additional peace of mind when it comes to securing their homes.

Konnected partnered with Noonlight to provide an optional & affordable way to access professional 24/7 smart home monitoring with a U.S.-based dispatch center that gets notified automatically about any unusual activity.

#10 Konnected is here to stay. Our products are yours to keep

We know that looking for a smart alarm panel is no joke, since it really comes down to protecting what matters most and making sure that whatever your choice is - it’s the right one. That’s why we wanted to let you know that we’re here to stay, and we’re committed to continuing to innovate true to our mission.

But even in the unlikely case that Konnected disappears one day, your product is still yours. Every product of ours is built on open technology, supports a number of free and open-source firmwares, and can work without any dependency on our cloud. 

Now you know, so keep exploring!  

Smart alarm panels (and smart home devices in general) can truly make everyone’s life a lot easier and way more convenient. We encourage you to dig deeper into resources on our website, shoot us a question if you want to, and hopefully join our Konnected family soon! 

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