How and Where to Install

Konnected Installs in Your Old Wiring Panel

Konnected is an open source solution for connecting wired sensors and switches to home automation platforms including Samsung SmartThingsHome AssistantHubitat and OpenHAB.  Our custom patent pending Konnected boards install in-place of your existing system's motherboard, where all of your sensor wires terminate.

*NOTE: You don't need an existing motherboard installed, and you can keep your existing system in place, if desired*
Structures with wired sensors but no existing system/motherboard, like new builds, can be used with Konnected. All that's necessary is wired sensors.
If you would like to keep your old keypads, your professional monitoring, or you just don't want to uninstall your traditional system, you can wire Konnected in-parallel, allowing you to keep your existing system operation and add Konnected's smart functionality on top of it. This is accomplished with the addition of our Interface Module. One Interface Module is required for each 6 zones that you'd like to wire in-parallel. You'll also need to reserve 2 extra zones on your Interface Module(s) for sensing your system's current state and for arming and disarming through Konnected.

An important first step to replacing your legacy alarm with Konnected is to identify and label your wires. Taking the time to do this will ensure that you get things installed correctly. 

Before you disconnect anything we would encourage you to first take some clear close pictures of your current connections, wiring diagram, and zone lists. This way if there is any confusion after you disconnect things you have a reference.

We have included a set of label stickers in your kit. Use them to clearly separate your wires.


Examine your zone list

Most alarm installers will write down which sensors are connected to which zones. Sometimes zones will only be one sensor. But other sensors (such as doors or windows) might be grouped together. Open/close sensors that are grouped together will be hooked in series. 


Mounting and positioning

When deciding where to mount your Konnected board, you need to consider the location of your wires, power, and WiFi signal strength. If you're retrofitting an old alarm system panel, you may want to mount the board inside the panel.

Connecting additional boards

There are no wired data connections between your main Konnected board and your add-on board. If you are using a pigtail to power the boards you may want consider how you want to position and mount your add on board. Don't stretch the cords. You may also want to consider where how your sensor wires are coming into the board.


Full installation instructions can be found In our Installation Instructions