Konnected 2.2.0.dev2 with Temperature & Humidity sensor support

Konnected 2.2.0.dev2 with Temperature & Humidity sensor support

Huge thanks to all of you who have helped beta test the 2.2.0 release of the Konnected firmware and software. So far, feedback has been great and we're close to making the 2.2.0 release official.

This week I made a few more improvements to the 2.2.0 branch, and it's available now for beta testingNotable improvements include:

  1. New! Support for digital temperature and humidity sensor modules. Now you can monitor the ambient temperature with Konnected and SmartThings* and an inexpensive DHT22 module. Buy one here for only $9.50.
  2. Better handling of rapid open/close events. Now, each open/close event will be logged. Previously sometimes only the last state would be logged if a contact opened/closed many times very rapidly.
  3. More memory utilization and stability improvements.

Please help us beta test the new firmware so we can quickly promote this to a stable release.

IMPORTANT: This release requires an update to the Konnected SmartApps on SmartThings. I recommend updating the SmartApps first before flashing the new firmware. To update the SmartApps, change the SmartThings Github integration branch for konnected-security to the "nodemcu-firmware-2-2" branch, and then click Update from Repo.

If you're using the new Temperature & Humidity sensor feature, there's also a new Device Handler to install.

To flash your device, use the Konnected Flash Tool to flash the two .bin files downloaded from here.

* temperature & humidity sensor support for Home Assistant is coming soon

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Any updates on supporting temp/humidity in home assistant?

Mark Woitaszek

Can you connect a Temperature & Humidity sensor to the Konnected Security panel? If so how do you connect it?

Matthew J. Ruzich

The new firmware seems to be running ok on my DIY boards. I don’t have much experience with the previous version. I just connected a temp-humidity sensor and it picked right up after resetting the module. That is a nice feature and I appreciate you building it.

I have a piezo element connected downstairs where the old key pad was for the old system. I see quite a bit of latency on the response of the piezo element keyed off of a door opening and/or closing. Is there a way I can improve that? The latency is the only issue I have noticed at this point.

Robert Freeman

I flashed my boards to 2.2 and noticed that they are much slower than the previous firmware to poll the devices after a reboot. Is there some code in the beta firmware what is causing this?

No other issues besides still trying to get AT to see the devices. Both apps are updated to the 2-2 branch.

The temp/humidity sensor handling is a great addition! I plan to use it to monitor the refrigerators and the freezer we have in the garage.

Thanks for a great product!

Ed Nunez

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