Power Up Your Smart Home with Backup Battery

Power Up Your Smart Home with Backup Battery

Keep Your Devices On No Matter What 

Severe weather conditions, accidents near power lines, high energy demand, or construction damage - any of these scenarios can lead to a power outage in your home. Don't worry - we have a solution! 

Konnected’s mini-UPS Backup Battery automatically switches to backup power when the power goes out and can keep your devices running for up to 8h-14h (depending on the device). The battery also automatically recharges and stays topped off to 100% when household power is on. 

Read this article to learn how you can use our lithium-ion powered uninterruptible power supply in your home to keep it running under any circumstances.

#1 Konnected Alarm Panels 

We’ve sourced this battery specifically for Konnected Alarm Panel & Konnected Alarm Panel Pro. This mini-UPS 12V DC UPS can keep our smart alarm panels running for hours on backup power. It’s so efficient that one battery can power up to four Konnected Alarm Panels or two Alarm Panel Pros. That’s one way to ensure you sleep better at night, right? 

#2 Modem / Router 

Whether you’re using Konnected’s cloud platform or a local hub, it’s important to keep your equipment running in a power outage. That’s why many of our customers love to buy a separate battery for their modem/router to be extra safe. Our lithium-ion backup battery delivers up to 2.5 amps at 12 or 5 volts (via the powered USB port), making it ideal for the power requirements of many consumer routers, modems, and switches.  

Check the power adapter that came with your router or modem for the output voltage and amperage. If the voltage is 12V or 5V DC, and the amperage is 2.5 amps or less, Konnected’s battery will work!

#3 Smart Home Hub 

Konnected Alarm Panels run on both cloud & local platforms. Those customers who opt for a local platform like Hubitat run their smart home ecosystems via a required physical hub (that isn’t battery-powered). Many SmartThings users also have the optional hub (now made by Aeotec) to add to their smart home. The hub can also suffer from a power outage, leading to no access to the smart home setup. Both SmartThings and Hubitat hubs run off of 5V DC from the USB port of Konnected’s backup battery. For the SmartThings hub, pick up a USB to DC barrel jack plug to make the connection. The Home Assistant Yellow hub can be powered by the 12V OUT on the Konnected battery with the included barrel jack cable.

#4 Raspberry Pi 

Smart home DIY-ers and tech tinkers are familiar with Raspberry Pi, a series of small single-board computers that can be used in many ways. One of the many uses is installing it as a hub for Home Assistant or Homebridge. These two open-source smart home platforms integrate with Konnected Alarm Panels. Suffice it to say, it's essential to ensure that your Raspberry Pi working as a hub stays on, and that’s where our Backup Battery comes in.  

#5 Security Cam 

Even though Konnected Alarm Panels don’t work with security cameras directly, many of our customers use cameras in their smart homes. Many IP-based cameras are 12V or USB powered, including the wired smart home cameras from Nest, Ring, and Wyze – all of which can be backed up with our backup battery.  

#6 Portable Power Bank  

The Backup Battery can also be used standalone as a portable power bank! Great for travel or emergencies, Konnected’s Backup Battery can store and deliver up to 7800mAh of charge for your smartphone, tablet, earbuds, or other small electronics.

We’re not able to estimate how many times you’ll be able to charge your device on one load, given that there are thousands of phones currently on the market with different tech specs. Still, you can rest assured that it will work just fine as a convenient dual-voltage power bank. 

 It’s Time to Add More Peace of Mind 

You know now that by buying one or more Konnected Backup Batteries, your smart home can feel even more secure and is perfect for ensuring the always-on operation of various essential devices.  

Speaking of safety - our backup battery is also equipped with overcurrent protection and meets the IEC 62133-2 safety requirements standard for portable sealed lithium cells and batteries and the IEC 60950-1 standard for mains-powered or battery-powered IT equipment. As for any lithium-ion battery, it protects from drops or punctures.

We developed this battery based on feedback from customers like you who wanted a simple plug-and-play solution for backup power. We’ve teamed up with one of the world's top smart UPS manufacturers, SmartKey Energy, to bring you this product that’s already keeping thousands of homes powered 24/7.

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