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Konnected Alarm Panel Pro 12-Zone Interface Kit

Konnected Alarm Panel Pro 12-Zone Interface Kit

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Already subscribe to monthly monitoring, but want smart home functionality? We’ve got you covered. The Alarm Panel Pro Interface Kit with 12-zones per panel, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, 2 outputs for sirens or strobe lights, and added Power over Ethernet (PoE), allows you to leave your existing alarm system in place but add new 21st-century functionality. Automate and interact with thousands of smart home products and apps through SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant, Hubitat, OpenHab, HomeBridge, and more.

Integrates with nearly any brand of wired alarm including ADT, Honeywell, DSC, Ademco, and more!

Consider purchasing our Backup Battery with this purchase.


Kit Contents

  • 12-Zone Alarm Panel Pro
  • 2x Interface Module w/ Built-In Relay
  • 12V Power Adapter
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Jumper Wires
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Adhesive-backed Mounting Standoffs
  • Mini Screwdriver-pen
  • Wire Labels Sheet
  • Konnected Window Stickers


  • Seamlessly integrates with leading smart home platforms and voice assistants
  • Expand your system effortlessly by adding any of our alarm panels
  • Say goodbye to mandatory monthly fees or subscriptions
  • Stay connected with real-time notifications for convenient home monitoring from anywhere
  • Enjoy the convenience of automatic arming and disarming for enhanced security
  • Customize your smart home experience by choosing your favorite smart home app
  • Make use of your existing wired sensors and siren for a seamless transition
  • Unlock the power of smart home routines and automations for a truly automated lifestyle
  • Compatible with a wide array of wired alarm systems, including ADT, Honeywell, and many more


Read the Alarm Panel Pro documentation here. Learn more about the Interface Module here.

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use existing wired sensors

get notifications anywhere

automatically arm/disarm

no additional fees

no batteries required

infinitely expandable

diy installation

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Use Your Existing Wires To Create A Smart Alarm System

You already have a security system to protect your home, complete with wired sensors on your doors and windows.

Now imagine for a moment that you can keep your traditional alarm system and monthly monitoring subscription (if you have one), and add smart home functionality to it!

With Konnected’s DIY Smart Alarm System Interface Kit, you can arm and disarm remotely, check on alerts such as your kitchen window opening, or set off a strobe and siren.

Not into DIYs? Check out our network of resellers to get started.

How The Alarm Panel Pro Interface Kit Works

The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro Interface Kit works in parallel with your keypad-controlled alarm system by connecting directly to the traditional alarm panel in your home.

Check out these five easy steps!

Choose the Alarm Panel Pro Interface Kit If You:

  • Still want to use your traditional alarm system and just add smart home functionality to it
  • Want to keep your professional home monitoring (if you subscribe to one)
  • Need Ethernet connectivity & POE because your home is pre-wired for Ethernet
  • Want to have 12 zones and 2 siren/strobe outputs per panel
  • Want to ease your way into smart home alarms before fully switching over
  • Love using your existing keypad and want to try using smart home apps with it to control the system
  • Compare with Alarm Panel

Reasons to Love Konnected for App-Based Home Monitoring

  • Works with leading smart home platforms and voice assistants
  • Infinitely expandable by adding any of our alarm panels
  • No required monthly fees or subscriptions
  • Real-time notifications so you can monitor your home from anywhere
  • Automatically arms/disarms your home
  • Choose your favorite smart home app
  • Uses your pre-existing wired sensors and siren
  • Create smart home routines and automations
  • Works with nearly any wired alarm system including ADT, Honeywell, and many more










Breathe new life into all the sensors already wired in your home and make them visible and actionable in your smart home app.

  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Wired PIR Motion Sensors
  • Wired Glass-Break Detectors
  • Water Leak Detectors
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors*
  • Alarm Siren and Strobe Light

*THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A FIRE OR LIFE SAFETY DEVICE. Use with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is for informational purposes only. Do not rely on Konnected alone to notify you in a life threatening emergency.

Compare Kits

Alarm Panel Conversion Kit Alarm Panel Interface Kit Alarm Panel Pro Conversion Kit Alarm Panel Pro Interface Kit
Conversion Kit Interface Kit Conversion Kit Interface Kit
Starting at
Makes any wired alarm system smart
Makes any wired alarm system smart
Works with common wired sensors & signaling devices
Works with common wired sensors & signaling devices
Works with leading smart home platforms
Works with leading smart home platforms
No required fees or subscriptions
No required fees or subscriptions
Smartphone monitoring & notifications
Smartphone monitoring & notifications
Replaces traditional wired alarm panel
Replaces traditional wired alarm panel
Adds smart home features by connecting to any traditional alarm panel
Adds smart home features by connecting to any traditional alarm panel
Open-source technology
Open-source technology
Wi-Fi connectivity
Wi-Fi connectivity
Ethernet connectivity
Ethernet connectivity
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
More zones by adding Konnected panels
More zones by adding Konnected panels
6-zones per panel
6-zones per panel
12-zones per panel
12-zones per panel
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More


Konnected is infinitely expandable by simply adding more Konnected Alarm Panel boards! Our unique decentralized approach means that each Konnected Alarm Panel board works independently and has its own WiFi connection to your smart home platform. You can add any of the Konnected devices, even mix either 6-zone WiFi model or the Alarm Panel Pro, anywhere there’s a WiFi signal. The smart home app syncs everything together into one cohesive system.

12 Zones


24 Zones

$558 Save $20

36 Zones

$807 Save $60

60 Zones

$1,295 Save $150

How Many Zones Do I Need?

There’s a quick way to learn how many zones you need for Konnected Interface Kits:

In your traditional alarm system, the zones are most likely listed by the keypad or inside of the alarm system box (the one with all the wires). Count and note them down.

Our Interface Kits require 2 more zones than your original alarm panel. E.g., if your traditional alarm panel has 10 zones, you’ll need 12 zones for Konnected. The 2 additional zones are responsible for monitoring 2 outputs (armed/disarmed indicator & alarm/idle indicator).

Alarm Panel Pro Features

  • Ethernet connectivity & PoE
  • ESP32 microcontroller with integrated Wi-Fi
  • 5V output & 3.3V triggers
  • 12V AUX output & two alarm outputs
  • 12 zones
  • Expansions ports for interface module(s)
  • USB port
  • RF shield
  • 12V input

Keep Your Keypads

The Interface Kit allows you to keep the home security routine you love while enjoying top-of-the-line smart home automations.

This is the perfect way to ease yourself into the world of modern home monitoring. It’s also great for everyone in your household that might be reluctant to try out new things and might need some additional time to get acquainted with smart alarms. With Konnected, there’s no rush and everyone can feel comfortable!

In case you don’t want the old keypad at all and/or would love to replace it with a tablet, try out one of our Conversion Kits!


Konnected supports LAN-based local home automation or convenient & secure cloud based platforms via our free to use Konnected Cloud service. Learn more about cloud vs. local on the blog

Local Platforms
  • Self managed
  • Private
  • Flexible
Cloud Platforms
  • Easy
  • Secure
  • Convenient


What Konnected Users Are Saying

  • Phil S

    “My experience with the store & setting up the Konnected panel was really easy to accomplish! Plan to purchase more & add-on's!”

  • Fred K

    "The instructions and videos guide you through the connections to the alarm panel, setting up the Konnected app, and then getting it into the SmartThings app. Worked right away out of the box."

  • Stuart H

    "OMG, this piece of kit is outstanding and works seamlessly. It kinda pays for itself too because I've made some of my Smart Motion Sensors redundant and then sold them on eBay."

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802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz


100BASE-TX 802.3u

PoE+ 802.3at



Up to 12 NC/NO input zones for wired sensors

Zones 1-8 may be used as 3.3V signal outputs

Zones 1-8 may be used for temperature sensors

1 dedicated 12V alarm output (max 2A)

1 dedicated 3.3V signal output

1 toggleable 12V/3.3V output

Toggleable 12V/3.3V output

Power Requirements:

Input Power: 12VDC 2.5A or power via PoE+ compatible network switch

300mA @ 12VDC max power consumption (device only)

Total power consumption varies depending on attached auxiliary powered devices and siren.

DC barrel jack connector 5.5mm outer x 2.1mm inner (center positive)

Expansion Port: 

Works with up to 2 Konnected Alarm Panel Interface modules

Auxiliary Power Output:

Outputs 12VDC

Limited to 1A when powered via PoE

Signal Output:

5VDC supply (max 300mA)

3.3V output for switching a relay or piezo buzzer

Micro-USB port:

Upgradable and serviceable via USB connectionto a computer


1-year limited warranty


14.5cm L x 4.6cm W

Designed in the USA 

Assembled in North America



Compatible with nearly any 12VDC-24DC hardwired alarm system

Adjustable to accommodate EOL resistors of any value

Not compatible with addressable polling loop systems

Not compatible with zone doubling

Power requirements:

3.3VDC powered from the Konnected Alarm Panel

Built-in relay:

Dry-contact relay supports up to 2A for triggering a keyswitch

Adjustable Normally-Open or Normally-Closed

Triggered by a 3.3V-5V signal


A zone in the context of alarm systems refers to a sensor or a group of sensors. Each zone in your system will show up in your smart home app as an individual device that you can name. For example, a single door sensor wired to a zone may be named "Front Door". You may also have a group of windows wired together on one zone and call it "Downstairs Windows". A good place to start is by looking at your existing alarm system and count the number of zones. Often the keypad from your old system will have a zone listing either handwritten on a label, or programmed into the display.

Conversion kits work as a replacement to your traditional alarm panel or an addition to your new-pre wired home. Interface kits allow you to keep the traditional alarm panel and add smart home functionality to it.

If you'd like to keep using your existing keypad, make sure to purchase one of our Interface Kits (instead of the Conversion Kit). Interface Kits allow you to keep the functionality of your traditional keypad, while adding the all-new smart home possibilities controlled from your phone, tablet or computer. If you want to stop using your keypad and monitor your home only with smart home platforms, choose any of the Conversion Kits. No matter your requirements, Konnected has a solution for you.

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05 Mar 2023
Lue T.
United States United States

Wonderful! Just what I’ve been looking for!

Fantastic, the real issue I incurred were all user error. Of which I spent a good amount of time kicking myself. Outside of that. This works exactly as advertised.

27 Jan 2023
Brad M.
United States United States

Great for those that really like home automation but it will never be mainstream

Documentation was seriously lacking, especially when it came to connecting to the New SmartThings app. It's not exactly plug-and-play which means this product will never hit the mass market. It's a great idea, to be able to monitor your own home without a monthly cost but for this to be mainstream, it's going to take a lot of refinement, documentation, wiring diagrams, etc. I did find that with the VISTA-20 panel, I couldn't reset an alert cleanly remotely. Once an Alarm is triggered, the alert stays lit until cleared. Well, Konnected can arm, stay, and disarm remotely. But you don't always know the state of the alarm. Overall, it's ok. Not sure the price was worth the cost of just swapping the whole system. I think most wired alarm systems of the past will eventually be completely wireless systems utilizing wireless sensors.

30 Nov 2022
Erik S.
United States United States

Need help

Seems like a good product but I have yet to figure out how to set it up or if I even have the right solution for my nerds.

30 Nov 2022


Please send us an email to - we would be glad to help you set it up.

01 Sep 2022
Dale H.
United States United States

Konnected Wrong Product

Wrong Product Ordered Based on Recommendation of Konnected personnel. I had to de-install Konnected board & re-install original alarm board, which I have not been able to finish as of today. Have not decided about returning Konnected board.

13 Jan 2022
steve F.
United States United States

Works Great

This works Great Thanks for the information. It’s up and running. I will be ordering more sensors soon. Thanks for a great product